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|  {{Norðurland}}
|  {{Norðurland}}
|  [[Frjálshöfn]]
|  [[Frjálshöfn]]
[http://www.opengeofiction.net/#map=17/63.95021/42.90798 Kristiansbryggja, bygging 1 til 6, Frjálshöfn HF-1030, Norðurland]
| Economic alliance of states around the [[Vinn Sea]]
| Economic alliance of states which are located around the [[Vinn Sea]]

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This is a list of international organizations, including intergovernmental organizations and international nongovernmental organizations. It includes regional organizations as well as organizations active on a global scale.

List should be in alphabetical order by short name, whatever the organization is called in normal conversation. "Full name" column should include an Ingerish translation if the primary name is not in Ingerish.

Short name Full name Location of main headquarters City Address Remarks AN and
AN Assembly of Nations Flsg.jpg Pretany St. Richards 1550 Assembly Street, Duchy of St. Richards, Kingdom of Pretany All-purpose intergovernmental organization encompassing almost every sovereign state worldwide. AN Flag.png
ANACA Assembly of Nations Agency for Civil Aviation Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta Malojdeh 1 Ibaten Street, Malojdeh City Center, Neo Delta Agency of the Assembly of Nations that codifies and standardizes the different aspects of international civil air navigation. AN Flag.png
ANESCO Assembly of Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization To promote global peace and welfare by fostering worldwide collaboration in academic learning, scientific research, and cultural/artistic endeavors. AN Flag.png
ANICEF Assembly of Nations International Children's Fund Shortened from "Assembly of Nations International Children's Endowment for the Future." Developmental aid and humanitarian relief to children in poverty. AN Flag.png
ASPEGO Association of States Producing and Exporting Gas and Oil Lost country.png Hav Hav - Organization that coordinates oil and gas policies of member states and ensures stabilization of the oil and gas markets worldwide.
CMI Cortes Maritimes Internacional / International Sea Justice Court Latflag.png Latina Porto Colon 601, Avenida First Port - Porto Colon 15 Court for sea-trade and havaries AN Flag.png
Global Bank Global Bank Group Financial institution with the goal of reducing poverty by offering loans to governments of developing nations. AN Flag.png
Gruusaat Environmental Research and Protection Organisation Karolia flag.png Karolia Vasireii Sejaamas tee, Poorvat, Vasireii E1825, Karolia Environmental body, carries out research into impact of human activity on planet's ecosystem and regulates environmental protection laws. AN Flag.png
IAA International Athletics Association Darcodia Flag.png Darcodia Bengonia via Lamine Diack International federation that governs the practice of athletics
ICC International Criminal Court Kalm flag.svg Kalm Tarott Paramount venue for settling international disputes, including trials of war criminals AN Flag.png
IMSA International Maritime Shipping Association Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Khaiwoon 1 Captains Road, Central, Khaiwoon Nongovernmental organization representing maritime shipping interests worldwide
Inter-G International Games Committee (Geolympiad) International sporting organisation, administers the Geolympiad which occurs every four years
ISC Internet Standards Commission Organization to develop, publish, and administer worldwide standards for the Internet. AN Flag.png
IWA International Workers Alliance International congress of left wing political parties
OGFIA OGFIA 2band slovech.png Belgravia Slovech Open Geofiction Federation International of Autosports
OMS Organisation Mondiale de Santé / World Health Organization Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia Fenelec International coordination of disease monitoring, control and prevention AN Flag.png
OTO Oceanic Treaty Organization Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Khaiwoon 400 Ambassadors Boulevard, Central, Khaiwoon Security alliance protecting the interests of its member states (originally small island countries, but has grown to include larger countries and mainland countries as well).
SCoW Sibling Cities of the World Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Khaiwoon 10 Nookharu Plaza, Central, Khaiwoon International "citizen diplomacy" organization of inter-urban exchange
SUECC Southern Uletha Economic Cooperation Council GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Gobras City 601 Capitol Blvd. S., Gobras City, National Capital District, Gobrassanya Regional intergovernmental organization promoting economic integration in southern Uletha.
SWAEA South-West Astrasian Economic Alliance Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta and Lost country.png Řots Malojdeh and Nekkar 1 Doigat Street, Malojdeh City Center, Neo Delta Organisation that promotes the economic cooperation between countries in the South-Western part of the Archantan subcontinent of Astrasia.
TCC Tarephia Cooperation Council Latflag.png Latina Cordoba 260, Corniche - Cordoba 3 Regional intergovernmental organization promoting economic integration in Tarephia.
(fmr. IAT)
World Association of Air Transport (former International Air Transport) Body representing all world airlines
(fmr. OGFIFA)
World Association Football Organisation (formerly OpenGeofiction Fédération Internationale de Football Association) Sathria Athanoye International football association —
name changing to WAFO
VEC Vinnic Economic Community Nordurland Flag.png Norðurland Frjálshöfn Kristiansbryggja, bygging 1 til 6, Frjálshöfn HF-1030, Norðurland Economic alliance of states which are located around the Vinn Sea
WCB World Currency Bank Independent AN monetary agency promoting economic security and stability worldwide. Issuer of Unified standard dollar reserve currency. AN Flag.png
WFA World Food Aid Programme To combat hunger and malnutrition and encourage food security. AN Flag.png
WIFTA Woolonian International Free Trade Agreement Trade agreement initially centered around Woolonia, but subsequently expanded to include countries elsewhere.
WMF World Mobility Forum Nordurland Flag.png Norðurland Markvað Non-governmental special interest group that promotes public transport over individual transport
WORP World Organization for Research in Physics Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere Ciudad Independencia Calle 320 No. 6588, Barrio Astrofísica, Ciudad Independencia 0859 DS, Fed. Ardesférica Research Consortium for High-Energy and Particle Physics Facilities (cf. CERN)
WTO World Tourism Organization Lost country.png Hav Hav - Organization promiting sustainable, responsible and universally accessible tourism worldwide. AN Flag.png