International Workers Alliance

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International Workers Alliance
Alianza Internacional de los Trabajadores

Alianza Internacional de los Trabajadores


Alternative Names AIT;
Year Formed  ??
Congress Members  ??

 ???  ???

Executive Committee
Leo Alfonso Aceitera Latflag.png Latina
Hinnak Gantnpfot FLAGZYL.png Zylanda
Montserrat Nowak de Chang Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere
Melchior Horn Kalm flag.svg Kalm
Océane de Mauzy Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia

The International Workers Alliance (IWA) is an organisation comprising of left-leaning political parties or governments all over the world. The organisation is aimed to be a platform for all left-leaning political parties or governments to come together and discuss domestic, regional and international issues which concern communist or socialist policies.

The IWA has always been criticised by democratic nations for encouraging dictatorial communism to exist in the OGF world.

Current Membership

Any left-leaning party are entitled to membership of the IWA whether in government, opposition or even exiled from a country. More than one party membership from any country is also acceptable providing they are a leftwing party.

Party Abbreviation Nation Party Leader Permanent Representative Party Status Political Philosophy Notes
Confédération Ataraxienne des Syndicalistes ConfAx Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia Océane de Mauzy Innocent Boissevain Government (as part of a coalition) Syndicalism Ataraxian Confederation of Union Workers, centre-left, currently in government
Workers' Association of Artenia WAA Lost country.png Artenia Maule de Graux Yolanda Rouge Coalition Socialism Membership founded in 1958, ownership switched hands in 2016
SAWP.png Socialist Antigoan Workers' Party SAWP Rusky.jpg Antigo T. K. (Dick) Briarmack Cinna Mesbergen Current ruling party in the Antigoan government. Antigoan Socialism Currently under probation by the International Workers Alliance over the party's human rights abuses and its authoritarian leadership. Established in the 1930s which eventually helped overthrow Pretanic's control over Antigo, and has been ruling Antigo since.
Glastian-Agarderian Communist Party GACP Glaster communists.pngGlastian Agarderia Kanappa Seena Lamyela Graven Government (unrecognised state, party outlawed) Communism Membership suspended in 1999
Compensation Party of Wiwaxia CP Wiwaxia Flag.jpg Wiwaxia Jane Strimp Opal-June Leland Hughes Governing (as largest party in a coalition) Progressive/Center-Left First candidates won election to Parliament in 1921
Karolijas Sociaalistipaarti (Karolian Socialist Party) KSP Karolia flag.png Karolia Kuuan Liivits Miina Vahteristo Government (as part of a coalition) Socialism Communist Party of Karolia split from the KSP in 1956
Khaiwoon Communist People's Party KCPP Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Gabriella Bukhnoo vacant No elected officeholders Communism The KCPP joined the Sixth International in 1971, after the KPD withdrew from the organization to promote a more business-friendly image for an upcoming election.
Union des Travailleurs de Gauche UTG Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia Théo Brandt Célestin de la Crosse Opposition Marxism Union of Workers of the Left, far-left, previously banned due to anarchist and republican tendencies, not invited to join current left-wing government
Mahhal Maryksus Ppeto (Mahhal Marxist Front) MMP Template:Mahhal unknown, wears a black hat Zamagak Banned Marxism/Anarchism Revolutionary Front, banned in Mahhal for atheism and republicanism; currently has exile offices in Tárrases
National socialistic party of Drabantia NS Drabantia flag.png Drabantia Milan Proska Jana Horáková Governing (third largest party in a coalition) National socialism Established 1871
Partido Communisto de Latina PCL Latflag.png Latina Leo Alfonso Aceitera Eduardo Hogarez Opposition Marxism 1855
Partido Socialista (Ardisphere) PS(A) Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere Montserrat Nowak de Chang Maomé Kincannon Governing Socialism/Doonism 1925
People's Radical Anarchist Union PRAU NationalFlagRGNK.png Rogolnika Roscoe Morgenson Allan Bunpeham Banned from the Parliament Anarchist communism; left-wing radicalism Founded 1933; most active radical organization in the country
TEflag.png Telkhug Ēkdŭn TE Udenarrat flag.png Ūdzđąnąrąt Ūjăk Ŷēkukŭ Kişniştą Ħą 77L-EZ Intelligence Agency Anarcho-Militarist Special member of Assembly of Nations but unrecognised by most world governments. Established pre-1788.
Progressive Party of Rogolnika PPR NationalFlagRGNK.png Rogolnika Reuben Rogimarta Kusal Peldanyi Opposition Progressivism/centre-left Formerly the Socialist Party (SPR); established in 1980
Vereinigtes Sozialistisches Bündnis VSB Kalm flag.svg Kalm Melchior Horn Jürgen Abendmann Opposition Socialism Founded 1998 following the unification of SBK (Sozialistisches Bündnis Kalm, founded 1906) and SAP (Sozialistische Arbeiterpartei, founded 1928)
Socialist Party of Auleus SPA Flag3.jpg Auleus Ben Holman no representative Opposition Democratic Socialism Withdrew from IWA in 1997 after December Crisis
Socialist Republican Party SRP, SocReps Flag of Cocus Island.svg Cocus Island Pari Myaniha Sasha Chiniade Governing Left-wing to far-left Democratically elected
Wyrcend W Mercian flag.png Myrcia Bygett Lisedohtor Ri Wendelsson Governing Democratic Socialism founded in 1917, incorporates a number of worker's gilds and unions. Currently debating ongoing membership of IWA.
Zylanda Proletn Sook ZPS FLAGZYL.png Zylanda Hinnak Gantnpfot Debora Laya Opposition Marxism 1886

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