JADE Light Rail System

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Jade Light Rail System
OwnerJade Coast Transportation Authority
Area servedJade Coast Metropolitan Area
Transit typeLight Rail
Number of lines13
Number of stations253
Daily ridership605000
Headquarters3 Parish Plaza North Bureau 1200, Tarkenton TK 40001
Began operation1930
Number of vehicles242
First departureSystem operates 24/7/365
System length430 km
Track gauge1435 mm standard gauge
Electrification750 V DC overhead lines
Average speed25 km/hr
Top speed75 km/hr (145 km/hr on TriangleLink)

The JADE network consists of 253 stations in 13 light rail lines, with an additional high-speed line, JADE TriangleLink, connecting the city centers and the international airport. JADE serves the Jade Coast Metropolitan Area in southwestern Castine.



Although Tarkenton is the largest city in the Jade Coast, it has fewer than one-third of the population of the metro area. Significant population centers are located 40 km inland as well as for a length of 40 km along the seacoast. For this reason, JADE does not look like a traditional light rail network where there are many lines radiating outward from a few central interchanges.

Official JADE System Map issued by operator Jade Coast Transportation Authority.

The next map shows the actual paths taken by each of the lines superimposed on a map of the metro area. Empty areas where no lines go are recognized as national parks as well as the thinly-populated Jadefire Highlands between Tarkenton and Ferngable.

JADE routes and stations superimposed on a street map of the Jade Coast.

JADE's ridership statistics on a per-person basis are among the strongest in Castine on and comparable to those of the finest large metro systems in the world. The table summarizes key measures of performance.

Item Value
Metro Jade Coast population 1505000
Urbanized area [km^2] 1097.1
Length of line [km] 460.0
Number of Stations 253
Rides per inhabitant per day 0.40
Length of line in km per 100k inhab. 30.5
Stations per km^{2} of urban area 0.23
Daily ridership 605000

JADE TriangleLink

In addition, JADE operates a high-speed rail link known as the JADE TriangleLink that operates nonstop service between Tarkenton Federal Station, Ferngable Central Station, and the Tarkenton-Ferngable International Airport. The service runs daily from 5 AM until midnight with departures every 30 minutes from each station to the other two destinations in the TriangleLink. Because travel takes place almost entirely through populated areas, the trains reach speeds of no more than 145 km and only on short stretches. Nonetheless, this suffices to cut travel times to the airport from both Tarkenton and Ferngable from more than 45 minutes on standard light rail to 15 minutes or less.

Logo of JADE TriangleLink.
Station 1 Station 2 Distance [km] Travel time [min]
Tarkenton Federal Tarkenton-Ferngable Int'l 27 13
Ferngable Central Tarkenton-Ferngable Int'l 25 12
Tarkenton Federal Ferngable Central 40 22