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'''Keira''' ({{IPAc-en||ˈ|k|eɪ|ɹ|ʌ|}} KAY-rə), officially the '''Federation of Keira''', is a [[Tuyaria|Tuyarian country]] in [[Northeastern Uletha]], situated in the northern half of the [[Tuyarian Peninsula]]. It borders [[Darcodian Sea]], [[Darcodia]], [[Ispelia]], [[Igria]] and [[Merhalia|South Varugia]] to the south, [[Gulf of Paliiso]] and [[Karolia]] to the west, [[Brevinia]] and [[Vyzh-Ulz]] to the north, and [[Dorianne's Bay]] and [[Älved]] to the east.
'''Keira''' ({{IPAc-en||ˈ|k|eɪ|ɹ|ʌ|}} KAY-rə), officially the '''Federation of Keira''', is a [[Tuyaria|Tuyarian country]] in [[Northeastern Uletha]], situated in the northern half of the [[Tuyarian Peninsula]]. It lies on the northern shore of the [[Darcodian Sea]], borderinbg [[Darcodia]], [[Ispelia]], [[Igria]] and [[Merhalia|South Varugia]] to the south; [[Gulf of Paliiso]] and [[Karolia]] to the west; [[Brevinia]] and [[Vyzh-Ulz]] to the north; and [[Dorianne's Bay]] and [[Älved]] to the east. It covers an area of over 140,000 square kilometres, with a population of over XX million within its 23 [[Keira#Politics#Constituent states|constituent states]]. Its capital and largest city is [[Tulla]]. Other major cities include [[Hvaarta]], [[Ushir]], [[Osri]], [[Skarvienne]], [[Asterus]], and [[Golvitta]].
= Name =
= Name =

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7, 52.376, 117.015
The Federation of Keira
Keiran Vetternavalta (Hayartic)
Keiras Federatia (Lathonian)
Keiros Federacija (Littic)
Կեյրանին Ֆեդերադնա (Oshir)
Flag of KeiraKeiran coat of arms
FlagCoat of arms
"Is taukelin - veeni"
"Of Many - One"
"In Strength and Love"
Location of Keira in East Uletha
and largest city
Official languagesHayartic, Lathonian, Littic, Oshir
 • Regional languagesMergan, Ostrian, Karolian
Ethnic GroupsWhite Keirans (76%)
Halonians (41%)
Hals (10%)
Ulinnians (9%)
Lathonians (7%)
Litts (5%)
Merhalians (4%)
Mixed Keirans (18%)
Oshir (9.5%)
Golvittans (7.5%)
—Other Mixed (1%)
Other Ulethans (5%)
Alvedians (2.2%)
—Eastern Romantians (1%)
Other (1%)
GovernmentFederal presidential constitutional republic
 • PresidentAsta Liuonaitė
 • Vice PresidentVohans Kurtts
 • Total140,000 [note 1] km2
 • Water (%)5
 • Estimate (2019)13,300,000
 • Density95/km2
GDP (PPP)2019
 • TotalIncrease.png $569.905 billion
 • Per capitaIncrease.png $42,850
HDI (2019)Increase 0.90902
very high
CurrencyKeiran Barit (฿) (KEB)
Drives on theleft
Internet TLD.ke

Keira (/ˈkrʌ/ KAY-rə), officially the Federation of Keira, is a Tuyarian country in Northeastern Uletha, situated in the northern half of the Tuyarian Peninsula. It lies on the northern shore of the Darcodian Sea, borderinbg Darcodia, Ispelia, Igria and South Varugia to the south; Gulf of Paliiso and Karolia to the west; Brevinia and Vyzh-Ulz to the north; and Dorianne's Bay and Älved to the east. It covers an area of over 140,000 square kilometres, with a population of over XX million within its 23 constituent states. Its capital and largest city is Tulla. Other major cities include Hvaarta, Ushir, Osri, Skarvienne, Asterus, and Golvitta.





Major Political Parties in Keira
Party Date of foundation Economic position Ideology Leader
Liberal Democratic Party 1949
(1860 as Liberal Party)
Centre-right to centre-left
Big tent
Liberal Big Tent
Sovereignist Non-interventionism
Keiran Unionism


Progressive branch:
Social Liberalism
Liberal Feminism
LGBTQ+ rights
Social Libertarianism Market Momentum branch:
Classical Liberalism

Asta Liuonaitė
Labour Party 1902 Centre-left to left-wing Social Democracy
Democratic Socialism
Orthodox Tuyarism-Feminism
Rossi Kussyvianta
Equality Party 1980 Centre-left Social Liberalism
Scandic Model
LGBTQ+ rights
Liberal Feminism
Green Liberalism
Nomad Rights
Kristen Hälliken
National Front 1910 Centre-right Nationalist Conservatism
Jons Sauds
Contemporary Conservative Movement 1995
(split from Conservative Party)
Centre-right to right-wing Conservative Liberalism
Liberal Conservatism
Separation of Marriage and Church
Keiran Unionism
Haralt Itersons
Green Christian Democratic Union 1990
(1890 as Christian Democratic Party)
Centre Christian Democracy
Green Conservatism
Liberal Nationalism
Vaija Pulmenienė
Oshir National Party 1940 Right-wing
Big tent
Oshir Nationalism
Buddhist Theocracy
Authoritarian Capitalism
Aghuurn Khödzhitat
Community Party 2009 Left-wing Socialism
Marxist Feminism
Maternalistic Socialism
Maternalistic Conservatism
Ingma Ollen
Headway 2010 Right-wing to far-right Libertarian Capitalism
Pink Capitalism
Separation of Marriage and Church
Ichir Maiidha
Bashinist Movement 2000 Centre-left to left-wing
Bashinist Politics
Bashinist Theocracy
Social Authoritarianism
Trans-Inclusionary Neo-Patriarchy
Melissa Abrahen
The Market Alliance 1990
(split from Liberal Democrats)
Centre-right to right-wing Classical Liberalism
Green Libertarianism
Martins Okkören

Constituent states

Main article: States of Keira

Keira is a federal republic consisting of twenty three states, each belonging to one of six regions. The states are divided into counties, which are further divided into districts. Each state has legislative authority distinct from the federal government.

States of Keira
Name Official English name ID Capital Region Area (km2) Population GDP (per capita) Primary Language(s)
Astullasämmi Astaland flag.png Astaland AS Astula Greater Tulla 1,648 2 7 Hayartic
Fjovitta (Fjodal Shingul) Fyodalia flag v4.2.png Fyodalia FY Golvitta Oshira 7,770 16 4 Oshir, Lathonian
Gaojagh (Գայոյաղ) Gaoyagia GA Ushir Oshira 13,400 27 5 Oshir
Hajartikullia Hayartikullia flag.png Hartikullia HK Pinnerest Skarvenala 5,179 3 3 Hayartic, Lathonian
Heivi Heivi HI Heivikulus Heiviland 4,660 5 5 Hayartic, Lathonian
Hortan i Viljasämmi Hortan and Spines VI Vinnerest Greater Tulla 6,424 5 4 Hayartic
Hottiralvitta Gottiral Vales OV Ohijuota Osriland 2,700 2 3 Hayartic, Oshir, (Lathonian)
Kaartinesämmi Cartinia flag.png Cartinia KR Puorkillina Varugia 7,350 14 4 Hayartic, Lathonian
Liivuonlänti Livonland flag.png Livonland LI Liivuotto Greater Tulla 2,738 3 4 Hayartic
Litija Litija flag.png Littia LT Skadėna Skarvenala 11,085 4 1 Littic
Nehmenta Nehmenta NH Nehmenta Greater Tulla 2,180 2 4 Lathonian
Nesteatullkusi Innkiland NI Inkiva Heiviland 2,750 1 3 Hayartic, Lathonian
Osri Valti Osri State OS Osri Osriland 6,305 14 6 Hayartic
Pietari Ūlina South Ulinnia PU Dorsta / Vekhelta Greater Tulla 5,070 5 6 Hayartic, Lathonian
Puolikraankumaa Garungdonia PK Goltava Varugia 5,500 5 2 Ostrian, Hayartic, Oshir, Littic
Rītsi Mullia EastMullia flag.png East Mullia RM Ilgartja Skarvenala 5,942 2 3 Lathonian
Siemali Ūlina North Ulinnia SU Stäämiga Greater Tulla 3,455 3 4 Lathonian
Skarvennia Skarvennia flag.png Skarvennia SK Skarvienne Skarvenala 5,420 6 5 Lathonian
Tulla Valti TullaState flag.png Tulla State TU Tulla Greater Tulla 2,240 38 6 Hayartic
Untervielta Unter Valley UN Untzer Osriland 2,667 1 3 Ostrian
Vaaltsämmi Forestland Keira flag.png Forestland VA Vāruga Varugia 14,818 8 3 Lathonian, Hayartic
Vakari Mullia West Mullia VM Mīle Gūsti Skarvenala 7,500 5 3 Lathonian, Hayartic
Vooha Hättkör Great north flag.png Great North VH Hvaarta Varugia 10,900 23 6 Hayartic






In punk and rock music, Keiran Post-Punk and Post-Hardcore has been a significant export since early 1990s. Keira's particular variety of Post-Punk and Post-Hardcore has been described as "evoking a profound feeling of mildly melancholic longing" and "a strange yet somehow comforting feeling of nostalgia for what never was". The origin of such a particular and unique sound lies in Keiran punk bands experimenting with Keira's folk music and Folk Rock, as well as Post-Rock and Ulethan Alternative Rock.

When it comes to electronic and industrial music, genres such as aggrotech and futurepop have been thriving since late 1990s.

International Relations

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  1. Excluding the area of Lake Varugavasi, Gulf of Paliiso, Gulf of Osmila, and the non-mudflat regions of the Sea of Darcodia.
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