Khaiwoon Grand Prix

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 Khaiwoon Grand Prix
Grand Prix in the Premier Formula
Khaiwoon Street Course (Eastside)
Khaiwoon Street Circuit - Suggestion.png

Race information
Number of times held50
First held1967
Last held2016
Circuit length3.216 km (1.998 miles)
Last year (2016)

The Khaiwoon Grand Prix is an auto racing event of the General Organization of International Motor Federations (OGFIA), held annually every March in the city-state of Khaiwoon. It is organized by both the Formula Plus (FP+) and Premier Formula (1PF) racing organizations, and features both FP+ and 1PF races. As one of the racing world's biggest annual events, it attracts tens of thousands of fans from all over the globe every year.[1]


2015 Khaiwoon Grand Prix poster

The racing takes place on a roughly triangular street circuit laid out in the Eastside area of the city, with Tacaikheeë Street on one side of the triangle, Eastside Avenue on another, and the Khagwai Transversale on the third. These streets are closed for several days in preparation for the race, as barriers are put up and other alterations are made for the racing vehicles. The course is slightly over three kilometers (two miles) in length and cars travel clockwise around the circuit.

Racing is occasionally delayed by thunderstorms, most notably in 1999 when a large storm system canceled an entire day of the Grand Prix, but typically any rain does not last long enough to pose a problem.

Large viewing stands are assembled alongside the course in Jopeeë Park as well as Kennedy Green to accommodate the demand for viewing. The racing is also visible from several tall buildings and hotels in the area, and many of the hotel rooms with prime views are booked years in advance, at exorbitant rates. The Grand Prix is broadcast by a number of sports television networks around the world, as well as an online live stream. Extensive coverage of the Grand Prix is also found in many local print publications, including the Times of Khaiwoon and others.[2]


Fortune Road Khaiwoon Grand Prix poster, 1968
The event was first held in 1967 as the Fortune Road Khaiwoon Grand Prix and originally took place along the Casino Mile in the heart of Khaiwoon, with the main sponsor, Fortune Road Casino, located alongside the course near its northern end. Fortune Road Casino famously wined and dined many of the drivers and their entourages, and hosted a large number of the visiting celebrities who came to view the race from the balconies of its luxury hotel rooms. Tens of millions of pounds were bet on the races each year, not only at Fortune Road, but at the other casinos and smaller local "betting clubs" as well. Legendary television actor Zazz Mukhmaibap famously lost over two million pounds on a single race in 1970, which led directly to his messy divorce later that year, and eventual bankruptcy.[3]

In a controversial 1975 decision, government officials moved to relocate the race to the Eastside, partly due to the growing inconvenience of the associated road closures in the city center, and partly due to a fatal accident during the 1974 race which was blamed on the narrowness of the Oolkhu Bridge, then part of the circuit.[4] Fortune Road Casino withdrew its sponsorship after the move and from 1976 the race became known simply as the Khaiwoon Grand Prix. Sponsorship for the race has changed several times since, but Air Khaiwoon and automaker KMW have been sponsors since 2008 and 1995 respectively.[5]

Current Grand Prix logo
Some critics have lamented that the move to the Eastside has robbed the Grand Prix of much of its former glamour, and a growing number have even advocated moving it back to the Casino Mile. Khaiwoon's government has staunchly rejected any possibility of such a return, citing the prohibitive costs involved.[6]

In 2009 the Grand Prix was being broadcast live online for the first time, when the stream was suddenly and unexpectedly interrupted by a technical glitch that cut both sound and picture in the final minute of the final race, with three drivers closely vying for the win, famously infuriating thousands of online spectators. The event has been live streamed every year since without major incident, and in terms of global viewing audience numbers, it is claimed to be the most widely viewed annual sporting event based in Khaiwoon.[7]


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