Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic

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Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic
TypePublic-owned Company
IndustryPublic transport
HeadquartersDunwic, Myrcia
Area Served Dunwic + Ceasternisc Bernica
Key PeopleYan Yansson, CEO
PredecessorDunwic Regional Transport
Web Site

Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic (LGD) (Ingerish: Dunwic Regional Transport (DRT)) is the primary operator of public transport services in Dunwic and Ceasternisc Bernica. Dunwic Burhcounsil owns 70% of LGD with the other 30% being divided between the other councils which make up Ceasternisc Bernica. The annual budget and policy direction of transport in the area is debated and passed by the Ceasternisc Counsil and LGD is ultimately accountable to them.

LGD Hús, Bernica Weg, Dunwic
Map of LGD services in Dunwic


Political Governance

When Dunwic Regional Transport was nationalised in 1994 it was purchased in its entirety by Dunwic Burhcounsil. Initially policy and governance decisions were made entirely by Dunwic government despite LGD's systems expanding across much of Ceasternisc Bernica. In 2000 30% of LGD was sold off to the eardcounsils which make up Ceasternisc Bernica and governance of LGD was moved from Dunwic's city government to the Ceasternisc Counsil which only meets twice a year but covers most of the metropolitan area. Currently the budget and major policy decisions are decided at the full counsil meetings and smaller decisions are ratified at weekly meetings of the Ceasternisc Counsil's transport committee.

Transport Operations


LGD is responsible for the operation of Dunwic's Linbæn light rail service, Trambæn tram service and Búsbæn bus services. It also operates a number of river and canal boat services under the Riverbæn brand and is responsible for the upkeep and promotion of Dunwic's Cyclebæn network of cycle lanes and hire services.


The TMkart ticketing system was expanded in 2008 to cover LGD services. It replaced the LGDkart and meant that ticketing was fully integrated across all of Myrcia's public transport systems. In 2011 the decision was made to scrap LGD-only period tickets and ensure that all season tickets sold on the TMkart were valid on all operator's services.

Co-operation and Integration

As well as operating its own services LGD is responsible for the integration of public transport services in Ceasternisc Bernica. It therefore works in close co-operation with Railweg Myrcia and Bernicabús to ensure that journeys across operators are as simple as possible. LGD maintains the Trafel Dunwic website and app.