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Southern Station 1927 with tram

The Southern Station (Estacion Sur) is the oldest station of Latina (Cidudad). For the first railway in the country the station was opened in April 1844 for the short route Latina - Salinas and then in August 1844 for the longer rails to Saguset. She were erected at the southern shore of the Rio Norte to avoid the costs of a bridge over this broad river for the railway.

Beneath the Central Station today is Latina Estacion Sur the second important main-station of the city. On the map you see the station here = 16, -13.5733, 39.6963.


As the station was build 1844 with four tracks, the area south of the Rio Norte was part of the town of Salinas. The now Barrio "Estacion Sur" become part of the town of Latina 1840 and Salinas itself 1922. Nevertheless the station always named "Latina sur".

The first building for the station was in use til 1867, then there a greater station was erected. Meanwhile then the station has 8 tracks. But 30 years after the traffic was so heavy, that 1897 the third station was build and 14 tracks layed. This building now is the middle-part of the existing building. On the eatern side since 1977 is the new building for the AVE-hi-speed railway. At the western side since 1935 is the main office for express-goods and the general post office Latina-South. Since 1935 there are 20 tracks - 10 from them as now for the cercenaias.

1999 are build a connection for the local railway-traffic between Latina Sur and Latina Central. Since then the tracks 11 to 13 for the northbound trains and tracks 14 to 16 for the southbound trains are prolongated with a tunnel with 4 tracks to the Central Station. Stations between are Piemont and Alameda Nuova. The formerly independend lines to the north and to the south so are connected via this tunnel. At Latina Sur the tracks 17 to 20 now are used for local trains, ending in Latina Sur.


Directly in front of the station is the bus-station Latina-South and nearby the lost and found office (Objetos perdidos). The station is a centre of retail- and office-buildings in Latina south for the barrios south of the Rio Norte.


Track 0

Track # 0 (zero) is the special track for historic trains or for the state trains and the train of the president. If an important person reached Latina via special train, so here is start and end of the journey (and not at the Central Station).

Beneath is a litle shed and a turntable for 5 locomotives with steam-power in use, the 01 022, 01 455 (4-6-2, Pacific) and the 17 833 (2-6-2, Prairie) as fast-speed machines, the 74 6232 (2-6-0, Mogul) for smaller trains and the lok "Leon" (4-2-0, Crampton)from 1862. They come in use for nostalgic trains or as special service for "historic" voyages. Other older locomotives (which are not more able to run) are in the railway museum in the former Western Station near Almolaria (Barrio # 9).

Tracks 1 to 10

Here the normal and rapid trains to Saguset and the Sierra Levante or to Mar y Flora, Delta, Bremen or Esperanza starts and ends. This part of the station is the oldest part - but the track-layout is meanwhile changed for the electrical units. From here 2 tracks go the southeast and 4 to the south til Saguset.

Tracks 11 to 20

This tracks are used for the surburb lines of the southern net of the Cercanias. Here formerly (til 1999) run the lines 121 to Latina Airport, 122 to Sacaremo, 123 to Frocedalis, 124 to Saguset and Finale and 125 to Cabo San Pedro. In the yard for the Cercanias can stored 22 trains. Meanwhile tracks 11 to 16 are used for the new structured cercania-lines 101 to 107. The formerly famous cercania-line 124 now is part of line 101 to 103.

tracks 21 to 26

Since 1977 exist a short "AVE-sprinter" for the 100 km to Saguset, the line # 10. This distance was finished then in 26 minutes - 1844 the train has needed more as 2 and a half hour (but for few kilometers more).

In 1989 was opened the tunnel for the AVE-trains to Latina Estacion Central and so the line # 5 from Lupo Blanco and Givullion goes through as line # 9 to Belsante and Minolia on the tracks ## 21 to 24. At tracks ## 25 and 26 starts and ends AVE-trains to the south. In the yard for the AVE-trains can stored 16 trains. If the planed route are finished, later here can start the AVE-trains to Mar y Flora as AVE-line # 10.

Typical buffer of Latina Sur Station

tracks 31 ff

This rails are for the express-goods as the main place for the city, because in Latina Central is not this service.

tracks 41 to 47

In the central post office Sur (south) starts and ends special post trains in all parts of the country of Latina as the central service of the city. They go over night nearly at all hours to the other great towns of the country as Cordoba, Du Bois, Mendoza, Givullion, Topahappan, Van Pelt, Scippo, Redondo, Porto Colon, Pugall, Bremen, Gentofte, Mar y Flora, Belsante and Delta.


The station is connected with the Central Station with the metro-line # 7. The lines ## 8 and 13 run to the old city (Barrio Vejo), line # 9 to the new city (Barrio Nuovo) and the line # 11 junctioned the important points of Almolario and Palermo. Lines 7, 8, 9 and 11 run parallel in front of the station at three platforms, line # 13 lays diagonal. So here is always heavy traffic from the Cercanias to the metro and vice-versa.