Lavadra (town)

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16, 23.1518, 92.2136
Street in Lavadra old town
 • MayorAntun Pjerković
 • Estimate (2017)9,000
 • Census (2013)8,974
Postal Code3400 Lavadra
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Lavadra is a town and municipality on the island of Lavadra, Mallyore. It is the southern and eastern most town in Mallyore. Thanks to many cultural sites and great heritage, it was Ulethan Capital of Culture in 2016.


The island and town's name was given by Mallyorian sailor and navigator Rikard Palmotić. The name is derived from lavanda, which means "lavander" in Mallyorian. The name was given because when Palmotić discovered island in 1566, the whole island was covered with this plant.


The island was uninhabited until Palmotić discovered it in 1566. The town started to build in 1570s. Soonly, town became prosperous because of trading and shipbuilding. In 18th century, many people from Marian inhabited the island escaping from plague. Later, the town and whole island were known by famous writers and shipwrights. Today, Lavadra is oriented on its cultural heritage and tourism.



Until the tourism growth in 1950, whole island was facing with emigration and depopulation. The biggest growth was experienced in 1970s when planned neighbourhood Blokovi was built.

Demographic history of town (official censuses)
1882 1894 1913 1923 1933 1943 1955 1963 1973 1983 1993 2003 2013
4,083 3,966 4,124 4,005 4,109 4,388 4,672 5,090 5,753 8,341 8,736 8,902 8,974


Culture and education