Line 6A (Säntjana Metro)

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Line 6A is the shortest line of the Säntjana Metro. It has only three stations: Circolo-Maritima (Korut-Tenge); Varushus and Sudtjaam.


By the 1970s the two branches of the metro's Line 1 were facing severe overcrowding problems at peak hours. A particular problem was passengers traveling to the Sudtjaam and the Pohjasjaam (now closed) from the city centre which meant using the historic Line 1 sections and either changing to a bus or tram for part of the journey. The lack of a link between the two branches and the inability to extend directly from the shallow terminus at Circolo-Maritima and the loop at Sudtjaam were identified as key problems to resolve. A plan was drawn up to construct a deep-level link to function as a continuation of the Line 1 branches, effectively closing the city center loop. The designation of Line 6A was chosen to avoid confusion amongst passengers.

Design and Route

The line is double track with a reversing crossover at both termini. There is a crossover just to the east of Varashus.

Journey time is six minutes from end-to-end. It has become known amongst the public that it can actually be quicker to walk between stations if one is already on the surface due to the time taken to reach the platforms, wait for a train and surface again. For a passenger already in the metro system it is time-efficient to use the line.

Rolling stock

Three six-car trains of SV65 stock (each comprised of three driving motor and trailer pairs) were procured and designated SV74. They are interchangeable with Line 1 trains although have minor differences, notably the interior layout which is configured with longitudinal seating in order to maximize standing room on the short runs.


Being so short and surrounded by other subterranean objects, Line 6A does not have a depot other than a single siding at Circolo, neither does it have a track connection to other Metro lines. Trains needing to be taken out of service have to be lifted by crane through a shaft located in the Sudtjaam station site, and either serviced there or transported by road to the main Line 1 depot at Miie.


A few proposals were initially mooted to continue the line east to link with the main Line 6 at Gobras Õt. However, there are no current plans to add to the subway, in large part due to the single track being unable to contain more services. It is not possible or necessary to extend the tracks to the north.