List of Greater Antharian noble houses

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In the areas that were part of Greater Antharia (Antharia, Iviron, Montemassena, Niscavo, Glagol, West Chara, the North Demirhan Empire and the oversea territories/colonies Koutsovlakhia, South Cape, Phereiras and Tupom), a noble house is an aristocratic family, usually local or Central Ulethan, either currently or historically of national or international significance, and usually associated with one or more hereditary titles, the highest of which will usually be held by the Patriarch/Matriarch.

The noble house which the current reigning/retired monarch is part of is called Royal House (Casă Regală). Due to Margaretha I of Montabaur being the current de facto head of the Greater Antharian Empire, the current royal house is the Royal House of Montabaur. A few noble houses (such as Dabija, Mărmăruș, Marancuza, Drăculea etc.) have been royal houses in the past, but have lost their status when their dynasty has ended or their familial relationship with the position of power has been superseded.

The noble house which is in charge of the White Temple in Montemassena is also called Supreme House (Casă Supremă). For the last 6 centuries, this status has been held by the Supreme House of Massena, which also gave the name to Montemassena (The Mountain of Massenas) ever since. Noble houses which include a series of Grand Masters of Greater Antharian orders usually have the status of Great Houses (Mare Casă), such as the Great House of Valakh (as Grand Masters of the Order of Valakh), the Great House of Rotkreuz (Order of the Red Cross) or the Great House of Daraždi (Order of the Pantocrator). The Supreme House of Massena, for example, which is also the Grand Master of the Order of the Cartographer, has chosen to not include the status of Great House in their name.

List of noble houses

House Alternative family names Origin Order(s) Main residence Other residences Years
House of the Alabaster d'Albâtre, d'Alabastru, Dalbatriu North Romanish Order of the Temple Marsilia, Antharia (12th century - 1760)
Kayaffa, Antharia (1760 - now)
12th century - now
Great House of Altimbour Altenburg, Altinburg South Romanish Áltimboŭr, Iviron (13th century - 1952)
Montabour, Antharia (1952 - now)
13th century - now
House of Badjuvarrah Badjuvara, Bagiuvarea, Baiuvarea North Romanish Order of Valakh Baiuvari Palace, Borodyn (1755 - 1973) Canan Badjuvarrah domain (1846 - 1912) 12th century - 1973
House of Basilos Basil, Basilo, Vasile, Vasilie, Vasilllos Hellanesian Casa Basilos, Istria (140 BC - 450 AD) 140 BC - 1768
House of Beaubour Bobour, Beaubourg South Romanish
House of Bernesco Vernescu, Vernescou North Romanish Order of the Red Cross Vlăsia, Antharia (1722 - 1961) 1722 - 1961
House of Brugh Brugi, Brug, Brugg Budshaq Brugh, Antharia (1209 - now) 1209 - now
House of Campolonghi Câmpulung Darcodian Câmpulung, Antharia (1772 - now) 1772 - now
Great House of Censey Censei North Romanish Order of the Knights of Antharius Băile Censey, Antharia 1598 - now
House of Chenonceau Șenonsò Pretanic Chenonceau Palace, Ostrina (1903 - now) 1459 - now
House of Cherchez Cerkez, Cerkezî Turquese
House of Chotin Hotin, Khotin Iviran Hotinradeț, Antharia (13th century - 1898) 13th century - 1898
Great House of Clegan Clegane, Klegan North Romanish Order of the Temple Clegan, Antharia (14th century - now) 11th century - now
House of Collin Kolin, Colin, Kollin South Romanish Kólinboŭr, Iviron (13th century - 1880)
Yaffa, Iviron (1880 - 1953)
13th century - 1953
House of Colțea Colț, Koltz South Romanish Cetatea de Colț, Antharia (14th century - 1845) 14th century - 1845
Former Royal House of Dabija Dabidja, Dabigea North Romanish Order of Valakh Mănăstirea Dabijei, Ostrina (16th century - 1907) 11th century - 1960
Great House of Daraždi Darazdi, Daraz̦di, Darajdi, Drajdi North Romanish Order of the Pantocrator Darazdi, Antharia (16th century - now) Daraždi Mansion, Borodyn (17th century - 1902)
Darazdiŭ pi Avrinê, Koutsovlakhia
13th century - now
Former Royal House of Drăculești Dracu, Drăculea, Dracula, Drac North Romanish Order of Valakh 11th century - 1899
Great House of Doukas Ducaș, Dukaș Antharian Aрчи́з, Glagol (14th century - 1842)
C̦imíșlѧ, Iviron (1842 - 1861)
11th century - 1899
House of Dradja Dragea Budshaq Bruzari, Antharia (12th century - now) 12th century - now
House of Gabras Gobras, Gavras Antharian
House of Garchinburgh Garhinburg, Garkinbour North Romanish Order of the Red Cross Garchinburgh, Antharia (15th century - 1879) 15th century - 1879
House of Ghika-Palas Ghikă, Ghică, Ghica, Pallas, Palac North Romanish Order of the Pantocrator Ghika-Palas, Borodyn (1754 - now) 1754 - now
House of Hochgaden South Romanish Hochgaden, Antharia (15th century - 1833) 15th century - 1833
Great House of Israel Izra-El, Izrael Iviran Order of Israel Izra El, Antharia (14th century - now) 14th century - now
House of Karayman Carayman, Caraiman, Karaiman Turquese Order of the Saray Guard Karaymanmaraș, Antharia (9th century - 1834)
Balcik, Antharia (1834 - now)
9th century - now
House of Kontostephanis Kontostephanos, Contaștefanis Hellanesian
House of Lapoushna Lăpușna North Romanish Order of Valakh Cetatea Lăpușnei, Antharia (13th century - 1952) 13th century - 1952
Great House of Lipitzer Lipițer, Lipița, Lipice Iviran/Drabantian Order of Valakh Lipița Recilor, Antharia (14th century - now) 14th century - now
Former Royal House of Marancouza Marancuza North Romanish Order of the Pantocrator
Former Royal House of Marmorosch Marmoroș, Mărmăruș, Marmarosz Iviran Mъrmъrúș, Iviron
Supreme House of Massena Masena North Romanish Order of the Cartographer
Order of the Temple
Order of the Holy Ziggurat
Montemassena, Montemassena
House of Mavrokordatos Mavrocordat Hellanesian/North Romanish Order of the Pantocrator
House of Melchisedeq Melchisedek, Melkisedeq Antharian
Royal House of Montabaur Montabour, Montabourg South Romanish Montabour, Antharia
House of Morgoulia Morgulia, Murgulia South Romanish Valea Morguliei, Antharia
House of Niculești Nicu, Nicula, Niculea, Nikola North Romanish Order of Valakh
House of Oregon North Romanish Order of the Temple Oregon, Borodyn
House of Philaretos Filaret Antharian Filaret, Borodyn
Great House of the Phoenix Fenice, Fenicia, Fenici South Romanish Order of the Phoenix
House of Racovitza Racoviță North Romanish Order of the Pantocrator Palatul Racoviță, Ostrina
House of Radenau Radna Pollonian Radna, Antharia
House of Rahovari Rahova, Riahovari, Oriahova, Rachowo, Oryahovo South Romanish/Surian Orѧhova, Iviron
House of Ratziou Rațiu, Ratz South Romanish
House of Rosenburgh Rosenburg, Rosenbour Iviran/North Romanish Order of the Red Cross Borodyn, Antharia
House of Rosenthal Rosental Iviran/North Romanish Order of the Pantocrator Borodyn, Antharia Madinya, Koutsovlakhia
Great House of Rotkreuz Rotcroiț Iviran/North Romanish Order of the Red Cross Rotcroĭț, Iviron
House of Simou Simu North Romanish Order of the Pantocrator Borodyn, Antharia
House of Solacoglu Solacolu, Solakolu Turquese/Antharian
House of Spedlea Budshaq
House of Tempelhof North Romanish Order of the Temple
House of Thierstiyn Thirștiin, Thierstein, Thiersteyn Iviran
Great House of Trebeq Trebeck South Romanish Trebeq, Antharia
Great House of Valakh Valak, Valah, Valaq, Balak, Ballack North Romanish Order of Valakh Vlăsia, Antharia
House of Vlashka Vlașca North Romanish Order of the Red Cross
House of Vlax Vlakh, Vlash North Romanish Order of the Red Cross
House of Vocharest Văcărești, Vocarest North Romanish Order of the Pantocrator Văcărești, Antharia
House of Wyłczest Vâlcești, Vâlci, Wultsch Galician Vlăsia, Antharia
House of Xiropotamou Șiropotamu, Hieropotamu Antharian