List of cities in Vodeo

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This is a provisional list and is subject to change.

The following is a list of cities in Vodeo. Cities are defined as an urban area with a population of at least 50,000 residents. Provincial capitals are listed in boldface.

Cities are not to be confused with city councils (often referred to as "cities", such as Enfield City in Saviso and Northcote City in Holme), which form the lowest level of local government in an urban area. Smaller cities will usually be governed either by a district or city council, while larger cities will be governed by a number of authorities; in this situation, more populous councils will often take the name City, while smaller councils will often be titled Borough.

Urban areas by population

Rank Name Province Population (2017) Founded Local authority/authorities Notes
1 Saviso St Austell 5,173,640 1627 Audhill District, Avoca Cobalt Borough, City of Baltic Hills, Caipah Borough, Enfield City, Lassiter City, North Harbour City, Pontefract Borough, City of Port Saviso, Saviso City, Wririas City, Trig District, Voces Shire, Weymouth City
2 Holme Cambria 3,655,210 1597 Afton City, City of Holme, Hopesmarch Borough, Northcote City, Port Douglas City, Vienna City
3 Avington Avalon 2,706,400 1612 Avington City, City of Belvedere, Burnside City, Macquarie City, City of Plymouth, Portsea City
4 Silverton Queensboro 1,397,540 Copthorne Borough, Silverton City
5 Gerrise Gerrise 816,780 Gerrise City, City of Transistor Valley
6 Greville Havilland 504,713 Greville City
7 Welson Trinity 322,284 Welson City
8 CheltenhamTadoran Rabe/Havilland 217,389 Cheltenham City/Sunshine District Cheltenham has a population of 166,114; Tadoran has a population of 51,275
9 Cheltenham Rabe 166,114 Cheltenham City
10 Radern Vadiorare 152,313 Radern City
11 Endorie Prihor 124,874 Endorie City
12 Schellingen Trinity 95,591 Schellingen City
13 Culwawa Cambria 85,464 Culwawa District
14 Brynderwyn Cambria 73,017 1594 Brynderwyn District
15 Port Torahan Queensboro 70,712 1813 Ellis District
16 Avondale Avalon 68,404 Rowan District
17 Marazan Cambria 63,866 1601 Marazan City
18 MercerOrbera Havilland/St Austell 62,837 Mercer District/Razorback District
19 Empire's End Avalon 61,041 Far North District
20 Crafers Cambria 60,085 Crafers District
21 Tindalls Bay Cambria 56,483 Pentland District
22 Longlac Cambria 54,262 Longlac District
23 VictoriaStorbada Gerrise/St Austell 54,088 Victoria District/Hunter District
24 Tadoran Havilland 51,275 Sunshine District
Hutchinson Prihor Indigo District
Cetorancra Havilland Cetorancra-Jubio District
Wahala St Austell Wahala District
Stirling Avalon
Stoke Avalon