List of republics by type

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This list has three parts: the first one lists the republics by type, the second one is by political style and the third part is according to system.


  • A constitutional republic is also the same as a 'republic'. Some of the countries can be listed on both lists.
  • Please list your country in ALPHABETICAL order.

List of republics by type

Federal republics - in a federal republic, the country is composed of states/provinces that are consolidated together that forms a 'federation'. Usually the states/provinces are self-governing and shares some administrative powers with a separate national government.

Unitary republics - the country is ruled as a single entity and has a strong centralized government

List of republics by political style

Democratic and liberal republics - states that follow a liberal ideology

Socialist republics - states that follow a Socialist ideology

  • Lost country.png Arataran (officially, in practice the country has a semi-liberalised free market)
  • Balavalonia 867317.png Balavalonia
  • Lost country.png Chara
  • Glaster Flag.png Glaster (Free elections, but still socialist}}
  • Nordurland Flag.png Norðurland (the elections in the 2nd Republic tend to result in a strong majority for the left wing)

Distributist republics - states that follow a Distributist ideology

  • TBD

Unspecified republics

Unspecified nations

List of republics according to system

Presidential republics - in a presidential system, the president is both the head of state and head of the government.

Parliamentary republics - in a parliamentary system, a Prime minister is the head of the government and a President is the head of state.

Semi-Presidential republics and Mixed systems - presidential-parliamentary or hybrid system; both the president or prime minister share some political powers in the government

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