Littlewood (Municipality)

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Z13, -46.8538 °S, 46.4490 °E
Flag of Littlewood

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Municipality in Winn
Capital Littlewood
Country Winn
Barony Caspica
Mayor Treyel Feemers
Area 91.76 km2
Highways R-21, R-35
Website www.littlewood.wn

Littlewood is a municipality in Caspica, in Winn, in the south-east of the country. The municipality is centred around the town of Littlewood, and contains several smaller villages surrounding the town.


Originally, the municipality of Littlewood comprised only the town, which historically has had city rights, and as such had the right to independent rule with its own mayor. In 1973, the municipality of Littlewood Court was added to this, which comprised a large amount of surroundings of the town. In 1992, Phillipstown became the last addition to this municipality.

Littlewood Court

The municipality of Littlewood Court was formed in 1904, through the fusion of the municipalities of Shard, Clipstour and Hibbring, as these municipalities were deemed to small for meaningful governing. In 1960, the municipality of Woodlands was dissolved due to the creation of the municipality of Vyrescoat, and the village of Breaken, along with part of the former municipality of Court and Camp was added to Littlewood Court. In 1973, as a part of a national municipal cleanup in Winn, a large number of Court municipalities, which existed as a buffer region around a historic city's municipality, were dissolved, including Littlewood Court.

Population Centres

The largest places in the municipality are Littlewood and Phillipstown.

Population Centres
Place Inhabitants
Littlewood 18555
Virasport 7175
Saint Avery 2145
Paulitz 2100
Shard 1980
Hibbring 1025
Breaken 900
Killing 740
Basc-Saint Michaelis 720
Woodhom 685
Rhax 640
Wuffolk 350
Dish Point

Additionally, the municipality also counts a number of hamlets, being Addykill, Barby, Breakelve, Breakenmayre, Camp, Court, Courtcamp, Penn Street, Pithu, Rithstone, Sapwilth, Wyfroan (incomplete)

Bordering Municipalities

  • Condeuva to the south west
  • xxx to the north
  • New Winn Bay to the east
FlagLittlewood.png Municipality of Littlewood FlagNewBay.png
Town: Littlewood · Virasport
Villages: Basc-Saint Michaelis · Breaken · Clipstour · Dish Point · Hibbring · Killing · Paulitz · Philipstown · Saint Avery · Shard · Woodhom · Wuffolk
Hamlets: Addykill · Barby · Breakelve · Breakenmayre · Camp · Court · Courtcamp · Penn Street · Pithu · Rhax · Rithstone · Sapwilth · Wyfroan

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