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The Wiki exists to describe the places mapped in the OpenGeofiction world.

Users can request a wiki account once they are assigned a territory, and have developed some significant mapping. Before adding to the wiki, however, please read the guidelines.

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1968 Khaiwoon Grand Prix poster.

The Khaiwoon Grand Prix is an auto racing event of the Open Geofiction Federation International of Autosports (OGFIA), held annually every March in the city-state of Khaiwoon. It is organized by both the Formula Plus (FP+) and Premier Formula (1PF) racing organizations, and features both FP+ and 1PF races. Tens of thousands of racing fans from all over the world attend the event every year.

The racing takes place on a roughly triangular street circuit laid out in the Eastside area of the city, with Tacaikheeë Street on one side of the triangle, Eastside Avenue on another, and the Khagwai Transversale on the third. These streets are closed for several days in preparation for the race, as barriers are put up and other alterations are made for the racing vehicles. The course is slightly over three kilometers (two miles) in length and cars travel clockwise around the circuit. Large viewing stands are assembled alongside the course in Jopeeë Park as well as Kennedy Green to accommodate the demand for viewing. The racing is also visible from several hotels and other tall buildings in the area, and is broadcast by a number of sports television networks around the world. Extensive coverage of the Grand Prix is found in many local print publications, including the Times of Khaiwoon and others.

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Did you know...

  • ... that Delorme County, in the FSA state of New Carnaby was named after solder and diplomat Maxime T. DeLorme? (map)
  • ... that Attis became an independent municipality and church parish in 1805? (map)
  • ... that Argenta is the capital of Baldoria and the largest city in the province of Argenta? (map)
  • ... that the Signálfórt, the most westerly fort along the Albanweall, is located near St Alfæd? (map)

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The beautifully detailed island of Gisora, Lorredion by Le Mathou.

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Izaland political july 2020.png

Nice political map of Izaland by Izaland Terramorphing Committee.


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