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Did you know... (Complete Archive)

List Dated 2020-09-26

  • ... that Ingerland has never won the WAFO World Cup?
  • ... that Saiku is a brewery and one of the most popular brands of beer in Karolia and that the original variety is exported around the world and today it is the brand of beer most associated with Karolia.
  • ...that The Republic Paroy is divided in 11 states and a federal district?
  • ... that Duke Beglidere is known as the "Father of Pretany"?
  • ... that Khaiwoon's national bird, the wepphu, is closely related to the chicken?

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List Dated 2020-07-11

  • ... that Delorme County, in the FSA state of New Carnaby was named after solder and diplomat Maxime T. DeLorme? (map)
  • ... that Attis became an independent municipality and church parish in 1805? (map)
  • ... that Argenta is the capital of Baldoria and the largest city in the province of Argenta? (map)
  • ... that the Signálfórt, the most westerly fort along the Albanweall, is located near St Alfæd? (map)

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List Dated 2020-06-06

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List Dated 2020-05-10

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List Dated 2020-04-05

  • ...that The Gulf of Volta is an oceanic basin that is a southwestward extension of the Scythian Sea? (map)
  • ...that Demirhanı automotive company Vehikar has a production site in Esthyra? (map)
  • ...that Philipsson is a large manufacturing and electronics corporation in Myrcia? (map)
  • ...that Peritan City is one of the smallest soverign states in the world and that it also celebrates Christmas on two days? (map)

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List Dated 2020-03-08

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List Dated 2020-02-03

  • ...that there is island in Leresso that implemented a complete motorized vehicle ban in 1964 which is still in effect today?
  • ...that Antigo is a landlocked nation with many rivers, the longest of which is the Antigo River?
  • ...that the tree under which, allegedly, the first explorers that landed into Adaria refuged before founding the city of Nichiuri, is now a Monumental tree?
  • ...that in Cordoba, Latina, an unused subway-tunnel has been converted into a cycleway at 1.5 km (map)?

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List Dated 2020-01-04

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