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Majos Air O.V. is a commercial airline based in Karolia. They chiefly serve destinations in the Gulf of Osmila region and are targeted mainly at the business traveler.


Majos Air was formed in 1983 as a regional airline in Karolia, initially operating the Säntjana-Guntrum, Vasireii-Guntrum and Gorjee-Lapise routes with six Galen Ga-10 aircraft. The airline switched to all-jet operations for main routes in 1989, but pruchased three Ga-18s in 2002 for its Saarmae routes (the runway can only accept STOL aircraft). The company has continued to expand since and is now the third biggest airline by revenue in Karolia.

The airline has been a major influence in the recent development of Känton Regional airport, basing several routes and their administration there.


The company has been run from the start on a business model similar to that of a budget airline. Overheads are kept low by minimising turn-around times and using mostly regional airports. Fares increase in price the closer to the flight time and do not include hold baggage or extras such as drinks. However, the ticket price is slightly higher than a budget airlines and does include seat reservation and a seat pitch closer to that of premium airlines. In addition, an economy-plus class with more room and complimentary snack is offered on all current aircraft. The airline turns over its fleet more regularly than larger airlines in order to operate the latest and most fuel-efficient aircraft.


Majos air route map.png


  • Känton Regional - Saarmae Lía Airport
  • Lapise Jaarve - Gorjee Regional
  • Lapise Jaarve - Fontjäna Airport
  • Vasireii Liasu - Saarmae Lía Airport (summer only)

The airline has announced plans to expand its route list and is looking at the possibility of further flights to Fontjäna, Glaster, Wyster, Reeland, Escadia and Chara.

Current Fleet

Majos Air's jet fleet is largely made up of domestically-produced SAI aircraft. There are 10 SAI 210 and 8 SAI 410 currently in service with all aircraft in a two-class configuration. The airline has expressed interest in the SAI 240/440 jet to expand the fleet to destinations further afield.

The airline also operates three Galen Ga-18 turboprop aircraft for its routes into Saarmae Lía Airport.

Past fleet

The airline has previously operated the jet Watanabe W29 and SAI 110 and the turboprop Galen Ga-10.