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15, -20.2982, 130.7708
CountryAdariaflag.png Adaria
 • StateCatelia
Ethnic GroupsCatelian (62%), Cordinian (15%), Canalian (10%), Nankokuan (8%), Other non-Adarian (5%)
 • MayorJosé Gutiérrez
 • Census (2018)145,723
 • Density23,402/km2

Maldin (Castellanese: Maldín, Adarian: マルディン [Marudin]), is a city in the interior of Northern Catelia, situated on a small salient of the country, surrounded by all sides except to the south by Cordinia, and 6 kilometers away of the international border pass. It is the capital of the Maldín province of Catelia.


The city surrounds a small but prominent hill, the Monte Maldín, and its old city is located between it and the shores of the Laguna de Maldín, an endorrheic lake on the border of Cordinia and Adaria. Both landmarks are named after the city. It forms, along with Torrevega on the Cordinian side, the Maldín-Torrevega International Metropolitan Area.


Road Transportation

The city is crossed by the C-24 road, that connects the city to the rest of Catelia to the south (Closest cities are Barnilona, at 165 km, and Nortineta, at 190 km), and goes northwards until it reaches the Adarian-Cordinian border on its way to Torrevega.

Rail Transportation

As a border city, Maldín connects with the Cordinian railway services to its north, the CR Green Line. There are two major train stations in the city: Maldín Internacional, in the east, serves international train routes that either cross or terminate at the city on its way to Cordinia. Maldín Nacional, in the south, serves railway routes to other destinations in Adaria, and serves solely as a terminal station

Air Transportation

The closest airport to the city is the Torrevega-Maldín International Airport, in Torrevega, Cordinia, 17 kilometers north of Maldín, and it serves both Maldín and Torrevega. As it is technically an international destination from Adaria, it is the only airport where national Adarian flights carried by carriers other than Adair are possible, and it has made the airport a relevant low-cost destination for northern Catelia.