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Mallyorian language
maliorski jezik
Native toZastava.png Mallyore
Native speakers~ 3.5 million (as of 2015)
0.7 million (L2)
Language familyUletarephian
Early formsProto-Slevic
  • Southern Slevic
    • Old Mallyorian
      • Mallyorian language
DialectsCentral Rikatan
Eastern Rikatan
Writing systemRomantian script
Official status
Official language inZastava.png Mallyore

Mallyorian (maliorski) is a South Slevic/Syrillangan language spoken primarily in Mallyore and is the native language for Mallyere people. It is the official language in Mallyore and also used throughout the world by Mallyere minorities in other countries. Its written standard is Mallyere alphabet which contains 30 letters. Today, it is a native language for 2.5 million people and second language for about 0.7 million people, predominately in central Uletha.


Geographic distribution

Mallyore is one of the most linguistically homogeneous Ulethan countries; nearly 94% of Mallyore's citizens declare Mallyorian as their first language. Outside Mallyore, there is almost 1 million speakers of Mallyorian.


Officially, Mallyorian language consists of 4 dialects.


Mallyorian language has 30 phonemes: 25 consonants and 5 vowels.