Medwedian language

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Native toMedwedia
RegionNortheastern West Uletha
Native speakers42 million (as of 2016)
Language familyUletarephian/Proto-Ulethan
  • North Gaermanic
    • East North Gaermanic
      • Ursic
        • Medwedian
Early formsProto-Uletarephian
  • Proto-Gaermanic
    • Proto-North Gaermanic
      • Old Ursic
        • Old Medwedian
          • Medwedian
Writing systemRomantian script
Official status
Official language inOfficial in Medwedia
Official in Haugland
Regional status in Bloregia

Medwedian (native name Medwedisk), a North Gaermanic language, is the sole official language of the Medwedian Democratic Federation and of the Principiality of Haugland and serves as a regional language in eastern Bloregia. It is spoken by approximately 42 million persons worldwide in these countries as well as a secondary language, especially in the eastern border areas of Nordurland.

The Medwedian language is characterized by an unique pronounciation, which it owes to severe Slevic influence, an archaic and counter-intuitive orthography that only partially reflects it, a grammar strongly influenced by Kalmish and a strong variety of dialects and sociolects that are conserved thanks to Medwedia's highly stratified, feudalist society.

A highly pluricentric language in the past, Medwedian has been stanrardized by the Medwedisk Akademi in Medwed in the early 19th century. Its standard form mediates between the dialects.

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