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|official_languages = [[Ingerish]]<br>[[Änusian|Anusian]] <!--Languages recognised in legislation, constitution, etc-->
|official_languages = [[Ingerish]]<br>[[Änusian|Anusian]] <!--Languages recognised in legislation, constitution, etc-->
|national_languages = <!--Country/territory-wide languages recognised but not necessarily in country/territory-wide law, etc-->
|national_languages = <!--Country/territory-wide languages recognised but not necessarily in country/territory-wide law, etc-->
|regional_languages = {{Collapsible list|bold=no|title=5 regional languages|<br>[[Kjalnian language|Kjalnian]]<br>[[Siran]]<br>[[Onzaglak language|Onzaglak]]<br>[[Aŭstro_language|Austro]]<br>[[Gaerman|Gärmanisch]]}}
|regional_languages = {{Collapsible list|bold=no|title=5 regional languages|<br>[[Kjalnian language|Kjalnian]]<br>[[Siran]]<br>[[Onzaglak language|Onzaglak]]<br>[[Aŭstro_language|Austro]]<br>[[Gaerman]]}}
|languages_type =    <!--Use to specify a further type of language, if not official, national or regional-->
|languages_type =    <!--Use to specify a further type of language, if not official, national or regional-->
|languages =          <!--Languages of the further type-->
|languages =          <!--Languages of the further type-->

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9, -46.1237, 54.2532
FlagCoat of arms
and largest city
Official languagesIngerish
 • Regional languages
GovernmentParliamentary democracy
 • PresidentIosev Nikhöula
LegislatureLegislative Assembly
 • Total5487.06 km2
2118.56 sq mi
 • Estimate (2018)1 050 000
 • Census (2016)910 852
 • Density166.01/km2
429.93/sq mi
HDI (2017)Increase 0.921
very high
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.mo

Mordeto (in Onzaglak: Mijrdeet (/miɣɾðəʈ:/), in High Änusian: Mjördet (/ɱoɾðəʈʼ/), in Kjalanian: മ്മൊർദെറ്റൊ (/ɱoɾðəʈɜ/), in Siran: Hρɼuʊᵹςɼ (/ɱioɾðəʈʼo:/) is a country located in center Antarephia


The term of Mordeto comes from old Aŭstro, that means Dregs. The Aŭstroj when they discovered the Mordetian territory, they called it Mordeto because they used to deposites their major dregs there


1383-1743: Arrival of Austroj in Mordeto

The first permanent settlement in Mordeto by the Aŭstroj is believed to have been established at the mouth of the Akvo River by Joĉjo Nikolao before going to Aŭstrasuno Tero around 1383. This is described in Ĵurnalo de Joĉjo (Joĉjo's Diary). In the diary, Joĉjo Nikolao is said to have decided the location of his settlement using the water from the river for feed the fertilizer

1743-1800: New Arfek

In 1793, the Ingerish arrived in Akvo in 1793, and Mordeto passed to be Ingerish after the Fuýaveno War, after the Ingerish victory versus the Aŭstroj, Mordeto passed to be New Arfek.

1800-1812: Mordetian Independence War

In 1872, started the Mordetian Civil War for the Mordetian independence. After the Treaty of Nenius for finish the war, all the Mordetian terrain passed to be independent except Akvo

1812-1926: First Years and National Crisis

After the Mordetian independence, in 1902 was the biggest economical crisis in the history of Mordeto, because of an low-demand of shares, the Kófaín Stock Exchange get lower share prize, so them starts national crisis until 1926, when the Stock Exchange building was trasspased to Akvo

1869: Addition of Akvo

After a referendum in Akvo, with the 64,3% of votes to addition with Mordeto, Akvo passes to be part of Mordeto and be the capital of it



Mordeto also includes the Päaska Islands in the Asperic Ocean. The Päaska Island are divided in two different groups: the Nöordilân Island on the north and the Eteläädest Islands on the south

Largest inhabited islands of Mordeto:

Island Population
Insulák 43.481
Nöordilân 34.206
Malgrandja 11.445
Kisca 9.461
Änuso 5.769
Flukavjentö 3.100
Soleca 2.398
Eilënn 1.944
Kjal West 1.365
Kjal East 1.101
Imfŝo 1.002
Stacidöomo 861



  Akvo: 342 seats
  Nenius & Frem Dago: 228 seats
  Insulák: 102 seats
  Kófaín & Änuso: 84 seats
  Ktelje & Ankjós: 50 seats
  Çetarha: 31 seats
  Ömnzug: 27 seats
  Llynsk: 24 seats
  Kitfölkáa & Deczée: 23 seats
  Lossgrenzë: 19 seats
  Malgrandja: 14 seats
  Others: 54 seats

Mordeto is a full democratical monarchy. The executive branch consists of a Council of Räfkatasiv of Mordeto presided over by the Representative, nominated and appointed by the monarch and confirmed by the people of the congress following legislative elections. But in Mordeto's democracy, everytime is added something that can affect the country, a Élaktiofbea is call and anyone can present to it, but the congress has a limited vacancy, so only enters to it 1000 people, following the diagram

Head of State

Head of Government

For being Representative, you have to do an exam, for seen if you're prepared, and then you are choose by the people in the annual Élaktiofbea

Human Rights

The Mordetian Constitution "all Mordetians and their peoples in the exercise of human rights, their echnicities, languages and institutions".

According to the Assembly of Nations, government investigations of alleged police abuses were often but it reduced in 2015, punishments are not really high. Violence against different ethnic groups was a problem, which the Government took steps to reduce it.

Mordeto provides one of the highest degrees of liberty in the world for its LGBT community. Mordeto is rated one of the first in acceptance of homosexuality, with an 96% of society supporting the LGBT community compared to 3% who don't.

Foreign Relations

As a member of the Assembly of Nations since 1975, Mordeto has established itself as a participant in multilateral international activities.

Mordeto has maintained its special relations with the Ingerish Commonwealth members and Aŭstrasuno Tero, due to the belonging to the Ingerish Empire and the Aŭstroj. Mordeto, thank to the Sibling Cities program, has good relationship with Vodeo


Mordeto's capitalist mixed economy is one of the largest worldwide.


The tourism sector is expanding, especially in eco-tourism. On average, Mordeto receives around 5.6 million visitors annually. 4.7 million people visited Mordeto in 2016, 3 times more than the number that came in 2012. Mordeto's agriculture industry, accounting for 3.3% of GDP, consists mainly of fruits in greenhouses, meat and dairy products.


Road System

Main Article: Roads of Mordeto

The Mordeto's first-class motorways in Änusian are called Jatùpsitt. There are also many national roads.


Main Article: Mordeto Rails

In Mordeto, the trains are very used, adn also is one of the best railways of the world. The company that control the Mordetian railways is Mordeto Rails


Now in Mordeto, there are 4 airports:

Airport name Primary City or Town Served WAAT ANACA Class Runways Position Notes
Akvo-Seryi Blázquez Intl. Airport Akvo AKV OKVO A 3 OGFmapicon.png 45.8771 S, 54.0842 E
Çetarha-Insulák Intl. Airport Çetarha, Insulák CIK OCIK B 2 OGFmapicon.png 45.9207 S, 54.4361 E
Malgrandja-Soleca Airport Malgrandja MGJ OMMG B 1 OGFmapicon.png 45.7188 S, 54.1942 E

In Mordeto, the principal aviation company is MordetoAir


Destacates renewable sources, but the most used is eolic energy (92% of the total energy), but it's also used tidal and hydropower energy.


In 2017, Mordeto have reached a million inhabitants.


Most of the Mordetian population is descendant of the Mordetian ethnic group (46%), but also destacates Sirans (18%), Aŭstroj (12%) and Ingerish (11%) ethnicity. It is this also featured with "shared identity" between the more municipal level and the Mordetian level which makes the identity question in Mordeto complex and far from univocal.

Minority Groups

In Mordeto, destacates that there are many Norlensk population (8%), but there are also minorities of Ullannians (3%), Eskerian (1,3%) and others (0,7%)


Mordeto is a multilingual country, and the Mordetian constitution establishes that the nation will protect "all Mordetians and their peoples in the exercise of human rights, their echnicities, languages and institutions".

Ingerish and Anusian are the official languages of the entire country, and it is the right and duty of every Mordetian to know at least one of those languages.

The other official languages of Mordeto, co-official with Ingerish and Anusian are:


The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture is responsible for the policies and methods that schools must use. However, al public kindergardens, enfants, primary, secondary schools and Vrikaleftöjsñe are administered by municipalities.



Mordetian cinema has achieved major international success. In the long history of Mordetian cinema, the great filmmaker Hjákon Lleveqej got really known in the 1990s, especially with her movie Akvaenian pjatak (In Ingerish: Akvanian Party).

International film festivals such as Fjest-Kine-fal in Frem Dago or Cjakfarlëtt in Çetarha are recognized worldwide.


Since the Ingerish invasion, varieties of handball had been played in Mordeto. Sport in Mordeto has been dominated by handball and football since the mid-19th century, but the leagues in Mordeto didn't started before the 1990s. Akvo Fukbogaskn and Çetarha FA are two of the most successful football clubs in the country and Kófaínskhndbòllen and Akvo Mälfýrs are the most successful handball teams.

Basketball, paddle tennis, cycling and lacrosse are also important due to the presence of Spanish champions in all these disciplines. Some recognized Mordetian athletes are Øïstenn Sgurðös is one of the best basketball player, playing at Athletic Morros from the Balonis LBU since 2009. Tävvi Antöosñé is the leading Mordetian cyclist and is four-time the world champion.

Also in Mordeto, principally at the south, the game of Onzaglaxtballnsëe is very popular


Football is one of the most popular sports in Mordeto. The Mordetian Winners' League is considered to be one of Antarephia's best competitions. Successful teams of the league mainly are Akvo Fukbogaskn, Çetarha FA, Lossgrenzëslosirann and Llynsk Penguins. Akvo Fukbogaskn and Çetarha FA have dominated mostly since the creation of the league, and created an intimate rivalry.

The Mordetian national football team has been successful and have qualified for the OGFIFA World Cup tournament in different occasions.

Friendly handball match between Mordeto and Neo Delta


Mordeto has a long history with handball, also it's told that the sport was originated in Mordeto during the Ingerish invasion of New Arfek. Handball is one of the most popular sports in Mordeto. Both the male and female national teams have reached high international rankings.

The Mjördeta-Mälfýr Lfigä (in Ingerish Mordetian-Mälfýr League) is considered to be the most competitive professional league in the world. The most successful teams in Mordeto are Kófaínskhndbòllen, Akvo Mälfýrs and Deczée Hndbòl Clvbä. Traditionally the teams in the league have been situated in bigger cities but in outer areas where the competition from football have not been so though.

There's a lot of people known in the world of handball, highlighting Kófaínskhndbòllen handball coach and trainer, Hródrich Vfán Djnk, who developed most rules of modern handball.


Basketball match between
Akvo Bäskatbllèn and
Llynsk Basket

The Mordetian HMB is one of the major Antarephian basketball leagues. Mordetian teams such as Akvo Bäskatbllèn, Rjal Lossgrenzë UdB and Llynsk Basket have won international championships.

A number of Mordetian players such as Øïstenn Sgurðös and his step-brother Jzäýer Sgurðös, who are nowadays at Athletic Morros and Horea Soldados respectly, at Balonis LBU.

The Mordetian men's national basketball team has achieved a high ranked position in the international tournament, and have won six silver medals and three gold medals at the Geolympic Games. The women's national team were gold medalists at the 2016 Summer Geolympiad.

Public Holidays and Festivals

Public holidays celebrated in Mordeto include a mix of historic, national and regional observances. Each municipality is allowed to declare a maximum of 16 public holidays per year; up to nine of these are chosen by the national government and at least two are chosen locally. Mordeto's National Day (Mjördetisch Nerpjsköf Jahrnä) is 4 April, the anniversary of the Mordetian independence from the Ingerish Empire.

There are many festivals and festivities in Mordeto. Some of them are known worldwide, and every year millions of people from all over the world go to Mordeto to experience one of these festivals. One of the most famous is Mjegadröp, in Kitfölkáa, which is one of the largest music festivals, known for the rituals made on it, like throw cucumbers in the main stage or the Platypus Race. Thank to this, it's known worldwide and get a image of Mordeto of 'weird people'. Mjegadröp is made the last week of July.

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