New Bay

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Z11, -46.7871 °S, 46.3661 °E
New Bay
Domain of the New Bay and the Cymeere
Flag of New Bay

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Barony in Winn
Capital New Winn Bay
Largest city New Winn Bay
Country Winn
Region The Hind
Area 617.03 km2
Demonym New Bay
Postcode NB
Website www.newbay.wn

New Bay, in full the Dominion of the New Bay and Cymeere, is one of the 50 baronies of Winn, on the easternmost shore of the country, in the region of The Hind. The barony's name derives from the New Bay Coast, which remarkably does not have a bay on it, although since then, the estuary of the Thimber river has retroactively become the namesake of the barony. The capital is New Winn Bay, the largest city in the barony. The barony borders with Condeuva in the west, Harmsgrove in the northwest, Tassywolde in the north, and Chessic in the east.


New Bay is a large barony, with a majorly agricultural background throughout, especially around the rivers Cynne and Harme, that meet in the barony's northwest. The hilly northeast of the barony, above the N-18 highway, is thinly populated, but further to the south, a large centre of population exists, especially around the capital, New Winn Bay. The Cymeere in the barony's full title refers to the Cymeere region, specifically named after a pilgrim's destination nearby what's now known as Pallatt.


History to be written



New Bay is divided into XX municipalities. WIP.

Flag Municipality Municipal Seat Size (km2)
[[]] Saint Salls Saint Salls 4.48
[[]] New Winn Bay New Winn Bay


New Winn Bay is the largest city in the barony. Other large places in the barony include Littlewood, Fingerly, Pearlsmun, Quantham and Quantbury.


Road Transport

Coming from the west, the N-04 highway connects the barony to Condeuva, while the N-18 connects between Harmsgrove and Chessic.

Rail Transport

A mainline connects down to New Winn Bay Station from the north, coming from The Loam. This mainline, which crosses the border between New Bay and Chessic repeatedly contains intercity services down to New Winn Bay from Sawham, through The Loam. Branches extending from this mainline in New Bay are the Fingerly Branch, to Pearlmun, Fingerly and Prideton and the Pelting Branch, towards Pelting, which formerly continued to Littlewood. In New Winn Bay, the mainline terminates, but also connects to the Paulitz Branch, towards Virasport, Paulitz, and eastward into Chessic towards Chaining.

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