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| name            = New Winn Bay

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Z14, -46.8816 °S, 46.5673 °E
New Winn Bay
Ala-Uinndhomde (Aeránanue)
Flag of New Winn Bay

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City in Winn
Country Winn
Barony Caspica
Municipality New Winn Bay
Mayor Bill Saxen
Population 48430 (2019)
Highways N4, K50
Train station New Winn Bay Central, New Winn Bay Billhack
Website www.nwb.wn

New Winn Bay (Aeránanue: Ala-Uinndhomde) is a city in the south-east of Winn. It's the largest place in the barony of Caspica. In spite of this, it is not the capital of the barony, which is Chessic. As one of the most recent cities in the country, it only came to be properly in the 1910's, through the connection of several small villages in the area. Some of those villages form some of the city's neighbourhoods today. In 2019, New Winn Bay counted 48430 inhabitants.


The term New Bay originated from the conquest of the Kasp people, who lived in the rough area of what is now known as the barony of Caspica, which was named after them. With the annexation of the entirety of the Kasp's southern regions in the 15th century, the area around the Bay of Locia became known as the Domain of New Bay. However, with the independence of Condeuva came a split in this region - the Condeuvan side had the city of tbd, and thus became known under that name, while the Winnster side lacked any large settlements, and as such, the area became known simply as New Bay Winn, or Winn New Bay.

After the baronies were solified by the First Actionary Government of Winn in 1890, the barony of Caspica was created, with its seat in Quantham. As Quantham was at that point still a small town, and located very close to Yaghast, the idea of including Yaghast into the newly created barony as its capital seat came about. This was denied by the Factiongov however - instead suggesting a suitable new city to be built within the barony. In 1912, the barony council finally decided upon a location: The New Bay Winn area. The name for this new city however, was decided to be New Winn Bay. Despite these best intentions, the city's progress seemed to be slow to the point that the barony council had no intention to reside in a so-called "industrial, fake, new city" anymore by the time the city was available to take this new function. Instead, the barony council opted for the historically important town of Chessic, a former Kasp stronghold. Nonetheless, the street Baron's Court in New Winn Bay reveals the location the barony's council would've had, strikingly in the centre of the city.


The city officially came to be with the fusion of the municipalities of Kerkiry, Littbury and Ittle, and Shingby, into the municipality of New Winn Bay, in 1912. At this point, the city consisted of the combination several small villages in the area, Shingby, Kerkiry, Littbury, Cerrumcar and Ittlefront. Additionally, the municipality also contained Westmynne, which remained a seperate locality due to its historic city rights, as of 1710, and Sipphere, which was located a small distance from the main conglomeration of the city, and thus for the time being remained seperate. This city lacked a proper centre though, and, rather than constructing a new one, the decision was made to clear the smallest village, Cerrumcar to construct a cohesive centre for the city. The choice was made for Cerrumcar due to its small size, central location, and the presence of the city's only train station. Today, not a lot of Cerrumcar remains, although the shopping centre south of the train station was named after this former village. Slowly, the city was being readied for the transfer of the barony council to it. In 1922, Toppen was added to the city, and in 1925, the former village of Hiplair followed, together with Seyll as a seperate village. In 1947, Billhack became part of the city, formally becoming a neighbourhood only ten years later in 1957. After Billhack, no other villages were initiated into the city as neighbourhoods, but several neighbourhoods were constructed, starting with New Hiplair in 1956, built from the old abandoned village. In 1980, Cattertown was constructed, finally closing the gap between the city and Sipphere, and in 1997, work begun on Katya, on old industrial grounds, towards Saint Salls. Lastly, in 2006, the new neighbourhood of Seffix was built. Anno 2020, the next likely expansion for the city would arise between New Hiplair and Seyll, but no plans have been made as of yet.

Points of Interest

  • Caspica Barony Library [1]
  • New Winn Bay Trade Academy [2]
  • Cattertown Chapel [3]
  • Unity Fields Monastry [4]
  • POLAR at NWB Convention Centre [5]
  • Lake Ittle [6]


Name Year Population Link Notes
Billhack 1957 7650 [7] Formerly an independent village and municipality
Cattertown 1980 2250 [8] Newly constructed neighbourhood
Centre 1912 680 [9] Was built on top of the former village of Cerrumcar
Ittlefront 1912 4350 [10] Formerly an independent village, formed a municipality with Littbury
Katya 1999 4300 [11] Newly built neighbourhood
Kerkiry 1912 3400 [12] The largest of the former independent villages, the city was briefly locally also called New Kerkiry. Formed its own municipality which also contained Cerrumcar and Sipphere.
Littbury 1912 2300 [13] Formerly an independent village, formed a municipality with Ittlefront
New Hiplair 1956 6800 [14] Was built on top of the former village of Hiplair, formed an independent municipality with Seyll
Seffix 2006 7100 [15] Newly built municipality, northern end of the city
Shingby 1912 4900 [16] Formerly an independent village and municipality. Was extended westward in 2010.
Toppen 1922 4700 [17] Formerly an independent village and municipality.

FlagNewWinnBay.png Municipality of New Winn Bay FlagNewBay.png
City: New Winn Bay
Town: Millten
Villages: Ayebury · Ginningburgh · Loggham · Marlon · Saint Salls · Seyll · Sipphere · Thimbridge · Thimmuth · Westmynne
Hamlets: Aynhire · Copperburgh · Ellison · Hidship · Jameson Junction · Outholt · Overwood · Pallcheat · Wormbane · Zale · Zale-Bridge
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