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Noordkaap is a member state of Fayaan. The capital of the State of Noordkaap is Witzandmond.

The Noordkaap state played a crucial role in the history of Fayaan, and can be regarded as the founding state of Fayaan.


Municipality Area Population Density Remarks
Stad Noordkaap 36.4 km² 15630 429.5/km² Harbour, food processing industry, agriculture, tourism
Stad Duinburg 161.7 km² 20851 129.6/km²
St-Denijs-aan-Zee 166.7 km²
Kammelgem 76.0 km²
St Amandus ter Duinen 24.3 km² 3758 154.7/km²
Droogmond km²  ???
(+3855 refugees)
St Amandusabdij Speciale Gemeente 6.3 km² 2180
345.4/km² Part of the Witzandmond Metropolitan Region.