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12, 30.3540, 160.6839
State in the Union of Fayaan
CountryFlag Fayaan.jpg Fayaan
 • CapitalWitzandmond
 • State President
 • Total area
 • Land areaXX.XX km2
 • Census (2019)XXXX

Noordkaap is a member state of Fayaan. The capital of the State of Noordkaap is Witzandmond. The Noordkaap state played a crucial role in the history of Fayaan, and can be regarded as the founding state of Fayaan. Noordkaap is named after its original capital and oldest city (City of Noordkaap), positioned at the northern cape of the Munion peninsula.

Noordkaap (translation: Northern Cape) is a Fayaan state located in the extreme north of the country. It is dominated by the central mountain range with coastal plains to both sides. It was probably the first region of Fayaan to be colonized: the city of Noordkaap is believed to be founded in 1489. The Noordkaap state played an important role in the history of Fayaan as a wealthy colony, and later the founding state of the Union of Fayaan. While the City of Noordkaap was the first capital, from 1625 Witzandmond acted a capital. During Ingerish and Florescenta rule of the other Fayaan colonies in the 17th and 18th century, Witzandmond became an important harbour for the trade with the Bai.

Noordkaap was originally an agricultural colony, focussed on the production of exotic food for Ulethan markets. Today, it has a diverse economy. Witzandmond combined a thriving port with some large industrial complexes (computer chips, household electronics, ...) with a strong tertiary sector (ICT services, banking). Agriculture and food processing remains important in rural areas. Noordkaap is a major dairy producer for the domestic markets. Other agriculture products include vast areas of wheat and potatoes, citrus fruits (lime, orange), pineapple and avocado. Noordkaap is also important for tourism, with a high diversity of tourist attractions (ecotourism, beaches, historic cities and safaris).

Noordkaap has a high living standard and is often cited as having the highest quality of life of all Fayaan states. Nevertheless, Witzandmond is famous for its dense traffic and eternal traffic jams, and low air quality.


Municipality Area Population Density Remarks

Stad Noordkaap 36.4 km² 15630 429.5/km² Claims to be the oldest city of Fayaan.
Stad Duinburg 161.7 km² 20851 129.6/km²
St-Denijs-aan-Zee 166.7 km²
Kammelgem 76.0 km² 861 11.3/km²
St Amandus ter Duinen 24.3 km² 3758 154.7/km²
Droogmond km² /km²
Asselberge 19.8 km² 14532 735.6/km² Part of the Witzandmond Metropolitan Region.
St Amandusabdij 6.3 km² 2180 345.4/km² Part of the Witzandmond Metropolitan Region.
Reigerboom 4.4 km² Part of the Witzandmond Metropolitan Region.
Steenbeke-Rietmeers 6.7 km² Part of the Witzandmond Metropolitan Region.
St Amandus-op-Wier 8.5 km² Part of the Witzandmond Metropolitan Region.
Stad Zilverzand 15.1 km² 21144 1400.3 /km² Part of the Witzandmond Metropolitan Region.
A fast developing suburb with some important pharmaceutical research and industries.