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logo of NordRail
Parent Company Federal Department of Transport
Founded May 7, 1870 (1870-05-07)
Predecessor Royal Railways, BeckRail, ...
Headquarters Anderton
Service Area Nordmark
Service Type Passenger, Freight
Track Gauge Standard gauge 1,435mm/4ft 8.5in
Website www.nordrail.nmk

NordRail is the national railway company of Nordmark.

The company is headquartered in Anderton. It is a government institution.


NordRail InterRegio

NordRail has the following services:

  • R: Regio : stops at all stations
  • REX: RegioExpress: faster local trains to access the region; doesn't stop at all stations
  • CY: CityTrain (commuter train): organized as a rapid transit system around major agglomerations, with several lines and generally high frequent service.
  • IR: InterRegio: are the workhorses of Nordmarques transit. They reach across two or three states.
  • IC: InterCity: stops at major cities or state capitals (Anderton, Saint Martin, Erdar, Ethan etc.).
  • ICNL:InterCityNightLine: specially equipped night trains to XX and XY.
  • WE: WesternExpress: long-distance passenger/tourist train service to the Central Uletha.