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Z12, -47.4684 °S, 45.2403 °E
Barony of Northtale
Flag of Northtale

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Barony in Winn
Capital Saint Peter
Largest city Saint Peter
Country Winn
Region Carann
Area 150.94 km2
Demonym Northtaler
Postcode NT
Website www.anghireston.wn

Northtale is one of the 50 baronies of Winn, located on the isle of Caranntale, in the Carann national region. As of the fusion of Formland and Pontsoar into Oldcross in 1999, it is the smallest barony, excepting Saint Almath, which is only technically a barony. It has the lowest population of all baronies, the capital of Saint Peter only has a population of about 20,000. The barony borders Southtale in the southwest, and has a ferry connection with Baymund in the north.


Almost the entire barony is flat, with a small hill range on the northwestern end. A nature reserve is located on the southern part of the barony, with the majority of population living along the northern coast. The Fynnster Bay, splitting off from the main bay on the island, the Uppic Bay, is the only avenue along which the southern end of the barony's population lives.


Northtale in its current state has existed for a long time already, as early as 1500. The island of Caranntale was divided into a northern and a southern section by its Ingerish colonizers. This division has remained since then, and the only change to the borders of these baronies since then has been the addition of Kinning and Tayleethe to Southtale.



Northtale is divided into three municipalities, the lowest number of any barony.

Flag Municipality Municipal Seat Size (km2)
Saint Peter Saint Peter
Gunsland Gun's Wind
Southbay Fynnster


The largest place is Saint Peter, followed by Gun's Wind. The third largest place is Broadaime, which is only 8000 people. Other places are Huechurch, Fynnster and Gunn.


Road Transport

The N-52 highwayroad goes from Innchore to Gun's Wind, connecting the whole of the barony to the highway network. Additionally, smaller roads such as the R-503 between Fynnster and Broadaime, connect other places in the barony.

Rail Transport

A single railway travels through the barony, known as the Northtale Branch, operated by Southern Winn Railways. It splits off from the mainline, Port Yearstone to Tripolis at Innchore, and within Northtale stops at Saint Peter South, Saint Peter, Broadaime, and terminates at Gun's Wind.


The Northbay National Park pulls a fair amount of visitors to the barony, but Faeland Gunswind and the accompanying resort and country club are the barony's main source of tourism.

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