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Notaines (meaning "southern islands") is the name of islands situated in the sea of Uthyra near Tarephia. As an overseas region of Egani they form the Scanda Notaines.



These volcanic islands' climate is tropical and quite wet. They cover about 1700 square kilometers.


They have been discovered by explorers of the Eganian Marine in the 14th century, they founded the port of Akor-Eganê, which is still the capital of the region, and they developped agriculture and commerce in the sea of Uthyra. The islands were used during centuries as a stop between Egani and the Asperic Ocean.


About 180 000 people live on the 10 inhabited islands.

The official language is the Eganian. Castellanese is spoken by 40 000 people and Uthyran Creole is commonly used by half of the population. These two regional languages are taught in most of schools.


The economy is mainly based on tourism, and a bit on small scale agriculture and industry on the main island. Tourists come there to spend time in the holiday resorts but also to do hiking, rock climbing and sailing.


It is a hot spot for biodiversity and many scientists work on the island to study the fauna and flora and to create medecine from animals' venum. 35% of the territory is part of several natural parks. Eganian organisations and the local government try to develop small scale renewable energy producing for inhabitants as well as new kinds of agriculture that are more respectful to the environment. Artificial coral reefs are currently beeing tested for coral breeding, the techniques and models will be soon reproduced in other countries and islands.

Health and Education

One main hospital is situated in Akor-Eganê, a smaller one has been built in the western island and several small "health houses" are scattered on the other islands.

The education is based on the Eganian scolar system. The university has a main campus in Akor-Eganê and two others in the second town and the western island. Many students come from Tilia and Metropolitan Egani to study there or to take part in exchange programs.

Location within Tarephia