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This page is the place to submit your suggestions for the issues that will be decided by the Founders of AR045.

  • Anyone is welcome to submit suggestions, whether or not they are involved in AR045.
  • Please limit yourself to 2 suggestions per section.
  • Please leave submissions unsigned. Do not comment on or debate submissions here.

Each issue will be discussed separately in the AR045 forum, and will then be voted on by the Founders of AR045, using the "approval voting" method. (OGF admin may veto anything deemed unrealistic or otherwise objectionable.)


Name for the country

  • Eneko
  • Grandsbois
  • Le Mitigauca, French spelling of Mitigokaa, Ojibwe for "There are many trees"
  • Républiques de Nouvelles Terres(RNT)/Rzeczypospolite Nowoziemskie(RN)
  • Union des Républiques de l`Astrasie du Sud (U.R.A.S.)
  • Wisteblan
  • République Astrasién
  • Maawaag
  • United Federation of South Archanta or United Federation for short
  • Kogutt
  • Menadin
  • Saguanie, a variant of Saguenay, a mythical place from Iroquois legend
  • Selessia
  • Gaton
  • Provinces-Unis d'Archantie-Sud

Design for the national flag

Proposal Flag Description
1 Ufe-3star.gif Les 3 étoiles symbolisent les trois origines différentes des habitants. Les couleurs symbolisent les terres forestières, l'océan et la glace éternelle.

The 3 stars symbolize the three different origins of the inhabitants. The colours symbolize forest land, ocean and eternal ice.--

2 Propsal of Flag of AR045 by theruler.png The big star represents the united People, the two other stars represents the Mainland and the Islands. The blue symbolizes the Ocean, white symbolizes peace, green symbolizes unity and fertility, and yellow symbolizes the Sun and sky.
3 AR045 suggestion.png A suggestion for AR045 that combines the colors for land, ice, and sky/ocean, and also symbolizes the three peoples of the country.
4 AR045 02.png A minimalist suggestion that symbolizes the ice, sky, and ocean.
5 AR045 flagproposal.png Just as most of the flags, the blue and green symbolize the land and the ocean, the stars represent the 3 major people groups, while the white represents peace.
6 AR045 FlagProp.svg The flag (ratio 8:11) is inspired by Native American & First Nation flags both for design and colours. The 8-pointed star represents Canopus and stands for guidance and unity. The scarlet red conveys the ideas of fire, home and brotherhood whereas the bright cerulean field stands for the sky, peace and innocence. The black edge of the star has no meaning but is a colour commonly used in Amerindian designs. It could always stand for the darkness of the past if this makes sense in AR045 History.
7 AR045FlagProposal7.svg The green represents the fields of the country; the blue represents the ocean and glaciers; and the white line in between represents balance and harmony between the two. (The flag is also a very simplified map of AR045, with the ocean southeast of the land.) The three red stars represent, from left to right, the indigenous peoples of the land; settlement and colonization; and unification of the provinces/independence.

Proposal for the national motto

  • Citoyens libres de toutes les républiques, travaillez ensemble !
  • Exceller par nasze własne wysiłki
  • La bravoure au sud
  • ᐄᐧᒉᐦᑐᐃᐧᐣ, wee-chay-tow-win Cree for fellowship, living in harmony with one another.
  • The People of Unity and Prosperity
  • Un et tous

Design for the national seal

Not yet open for submissions. Will open after country name and national motto are chosen.

National anthem

Not yet open for submissions. Will open after country name is chosen.

Name for the national capital

  • Asoka, (with stress on the first "a") from Plain Cree âsokan: bridge, ford, river crossing. Applicable if located on a river.
  • Gryndwkow
  • Labanrongow
  • Saint Ryprien
  • Sassestrom
  • Nawiakee
  • Udena
  • Saint Armand (Cette ville se trouve déjà sur la carte. De plus l'emplacement de cette ville est très favorable et intéressant pour le cartographe)
  • Terrington
  • Ennawa or Ville Davidias

Sketch for the layout of the national capital

Not yet open for submissions. Will open after capital name is chosen.

Flag for the national capital

Not yet open for submissions. Will open after capital name is chosen.

Name for the largest Polish-speaking city (AR045-10a)

  • Audetruog
  • Andrzejowo
  • Herzogok
  • Stargard

Central collaborative province (AR045-08)

Province name

  • Trojekracy
  • Tynosia
  • Onalei

Name of largest city

  • Casonah
  • Devante

Province flag

Not yet open for submissions. Will open after state name is chosen.

Southern collaborative province (AR045-11)

Province name

  • Jeziora
  • Lodowcowe
  • Canorwa

Name of largest city

  • Misęstwa
  • Dolina Miłosna
  • Szechenydat

Province flag

Not yet open for submissions. Will open after state name is chosen.

Island collaborative province (AR045-12)

Province name

  • Wysilpea
  • Katinngajut-Qikiqtaq
  • Inuicki
  • Bronnsvide

Name of largest city

  • Utirvik, Inuktut for place of return (lit. where/when the action of returning takes place). Applicable to a harbour.
  • Jakinazwan
  • Prince Cullian

Province flag

Not yet open for submissions. Will open after state name is chosen.

French-speaking free-to-edit province (AR045-02)

Province name

  • Prillienois
  • Sainte-Agnès
  • Udenne
  • Tovabéc
  • Parelase

Name of largest city

  • Lazardville
  • Bonaveru
  • Laringnon
  • Grandville
  • Sainte-Inès
  • Ruenville
  • Tovabéc-ville
  • Lucinaville

Province flag

Not yet open for submissions. Will open after state name is chosen.

Polish-speaking free-to-edit province (AR045-09)

Province name

  • Wiercie

Name of largest city

  • Pulaski
  • Proknowel
  • Zarskowi
  • Poszeszenie

Province flag

Not yet open for submissions. Will open after state name is chosen.


Letter prefix for national system

N ou RN = route nationale, A ou AN = autoroute nationale

A for Autoroute/Autostrada (national motorways) Primary roads named after state ID they're in (ex. BC 3) Municipality roads (highest level divisions of regions in the country i guess?) named after the state, then a municipality ID is added (ex. BC-CC 2) County? roads (subdivisions of municipalities?) will only have a number (ex. 1392)

For motorway: A for Autoroute/Autostrada (probably none in cree area) For trunk/primary: N for Route Nationale K for droga krajowa/kihci-mêskanaw ᑭᐦᒋ ᒣᐢᑲᓇ For secondary and lower: P for Route Provinciale W for droga wojewódzka O for okimânâhk kihci-mêskanaw ᐅᑭᒫᓈᕁ ᑭᐦᒋ ᒣᐢᑲᓇ

R for Route | ER for Expressways, LR for expressway or trunk links, spurs, etc., regular R for trunk roads

Numbering plan for the national system

All national highways are given 5-digit numbers. The first and second numbers are the territories in which the highway starts and ends. The final number indicates which axis to which the highway is primarily directed.

Direction numbers:

  • North-South: 1
  • West-East 2
  • North-West: 3
  • North-East: 4
  • South-West: 5
  • South-East: 6
  • Loop: 0

For example:

  • 01091, this highway begins in territory 1, ends in territory 9, and lies on a North to South axis.

National highways can be numbered as 1-digit, 2-digit, 3-digit, or 4-digit numbers. All highways can use 0-9 for any number. There are no letters.

  • 1 digit numbers are for express routes that either bypass entire cities or are meant to go fast without interruption. Because of their 1-digit fashion, there are 10 expressways in total. Even numbers lead north-south, odd numbers lead east-west.
  • 2 digit numbers are for local expressways that carry heavy amounts of traffic, lead next to express routes, or go to more remote/more dense areas. Even/even lead north-south, odd/odd lead east-west, even/odd lead northwest/southeast, odd/even lead northeast/southwest.
  • 3 digit numbers are for expressway or trunk links, spurs, etc. They can also be used for primary roads. AR045 is unique for giving all interchanges these 3-digit numbers. Even/Even/x lead north-south, odd/odd/x lead east-west, even/odd/x lead northwest/southeast, odd/even/x lead northeast/southwest. x = any number 0-9.
  • 4 digit numbers are for exclusively local roads, i.e. secondary, tertiary. Even/even/x/x lead north/south, odd/odd/x/x lead east-west, even/odd/x/x lead northwest/southeast, odd/even/x/x lead northeast/southwest. x = any number 0-9


  • 1 - Express route going north-south
  • 10 - Local route/trunk road going northeast/southwest
  • 010 - Spur/link/primary road going northwest/southeast -- second 0 has no meaning
  • 0011 - Local/secondary/tertiary road going east-west -- both 1's have no meaning

There would be no rule for directions, however maybe a historical planning of numbering (like, the first motorways go from the larger cities/states, the latest motorways would go from either newer or less developed cities). Either that or from most developed regions to least.

For official motorways, i guess we could do the same as in FSA regarding planning of them (i mean, for example that most numbers like 1 are reserved somewhere). For the regional/municipality?/county? roads there would be probably just a system connecting the major cities, making the longest and most useful the first ones, however people operating in the region/municipality? could pick one themselves.

Regarding the sub-motorways (ex. a motorway going out from 1 to reach some minor city), we could add the next letters of alphabet to the major highway (ex. Motorway 1c would be the third motorway going out from motorway 1, while for example fifth would be 1e. Letters from Polish/French are not included. In very rare, probably impossible cases when the whole alphabet runs out, this system is useless. Incase of some roads coming out from the spur motorways, another letter would be added to the letter, like: Motorway 1ca, although it won't be really in use mostly.)

Design for the national route shields

Not yet open for submissions. Will open after interstate system is chosen.

Numbering plan for other national highways

Not yet open for submissions. Will open after interstate system is chosen.

Design for the national highway route shields

Not yet open for submissions. Will open after interstate system is chosen.


Famous national historical figures (creating a list for naming purposes)

  • Please submit names only, no other information.
  • No real people, or any names too reminiscent of real people.

Submitted names

  • Kowalczyk Kowalski-Konokowski
  • Wozniak Kainzow
  • Georges Bergeron
  • Edouard Spero
  • Casimir Pawelczyk
  • Faustine Arsenau
  • Bernard Caine
  • Frances Piękny
  • Alchans Movudson
  • Andrzej Chrząstkowski