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Basic guidelines

The northern part of the state will be a Long Island-like suburban area for commuters to Stanton/Warwick. The southern islands will be resorts, tourists, and fishing.


Route numbering system

Primary roads: DI-1 through DI-19 Secondary roads: DI-21 through DI-99 (we will almost certainly not get this high) Tertiary roads: DI-100+

There will be gaps and that is fine.

State Route List

Please record the route number, the endpoints, and the general direction (i.e., N-S or E-W)


DI-1 - N. Delenshire Expy, PQ to St.R (N-S)

DI-2 - Jennifer C. Archibal Expy., PQ to St.R (N-S)

DI-3 - PQ to St.R (N-S)

DI-4 - Tackleyshire to PQ (E-W)

DI-5 - Port Kestrel to Delenham to PQ border (E-W)

DI-6 - Holly Brook to East Stanbridge (N-S)

DI-7 - Stanbridge to Paxham (E-W)

DI-7A - Stanbridge Loop Road (E-W)

DI-8 - East Parkiston to North Avon (N-S)

DI-9 - Fleetwood to Cormorant (N-S)

DI-10 - The Coast Road, PQ to ? (N-S)

DI-10A - Old Trappard to PQ (N-S)

DI-13 - Westwater to East Ratherfly (N-S)

DI-13A -Parkiston Loop Road (E-W)

DI-16 - Holly Brook to Frellowind (E-W) (Note: Is both primary and secondary)

DI-17 - Frellowind to Holly Brook (N-S)

DI-17N - Bayview to PQ (N-S)

DI-18 - Montresee Bay to Ratherfly (N-S)

DI-19 - Old Trappard to Hessendale to PQ (E-W)

DI-20 - FS-20 to Holly Brook (N-S)

DI-22 - Chalstonshire to Hewesport (E-W)

DI-23 - South Holly Brook to North Frellowind (N-S)

DI-24 - Stanbridge to South Holly Brook (N-S)

DI-29 - Westwater to Stanbridge (E-W)

DI-33 - Parkiston to DI-18 (E-W)

DI-59 - Holly Brook to Blackrock Point (E-W)

DI-70 - Holly Brook to DI-8 (E-W)

DI-122 - North Stanbridge to York Point (N-S)


DI-30 - ?? to PQ (E-W)

DI-87 - coast to PQ via Hessendale (N-S)


Mapping areas

Bootmii: northern suburbs Yoyo and Lithium: southern islands Whateversusan: Capital area CartographerKing: detailing