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This page will fill some sort of role regarding collaboration in West Massodeya.

State Highways

West Massodeya has its own state highway system.

Highway Log

Special Highway Log


Requests for a state highway to be assigned or for a change in alignment (such as extensions or a major rerouting) will be placed below this message. All state highways must be placed on either secondary or primary roads, except in special cases (which I will review). Most of the time I will assign the lowest possible number to a state highway unless you feel strongly about a certain number. Please give the expected routing and endpoints of the route as well. If you do not have a wiki account yet, please PM me to request a state highway.

You may also request alternate routes (to labeled WM [number]A on the map), and business routes (to be labeled WM [number]B on the map).

  • WM 65, requested by oof boi, approved (prior to enactment of the state highway assignment system)
  • WM 16, assigned to mapenthusiast7 via PM (no specific number requested)
  • extension to North Belleville approved
  • WM 17, requested by oof boi, can be any number, connects belleville to village 7k, approved

County Highways

Feel free to assign county highway numbers within your county on tertiary roads. Try to keep these to around 20 (this recommended number might change as I watch the state develop). There might also be changes within your county highways for the purposes of state highway coordination.


We aren't going to vote on this soon, but anybody who wants to add a suggestion is welcome, even non-county owners.

License Plate

West Massodeya license plate.

Thank you to User:Brunanter for the design.

Active Users Log

  • Active - At least 5 edits per one month long time period
User Residency Date County Edits Month 1 Edits Month 2 Edits Month 3
DudeMap555 2019-08-21 Murphy ACTIVE (2019-08-21 to 2019-09-21) ACTIVE (2019-09-21 to 2019-10-21) 0 (2019-10-21 to 2019-11-21)
Legendardisch 2019-09-07 McPearson ACTIVE (2019-09-07 to 2019-10-07) 0 (2019-10-07 to 2019-12-07) (leave of absence during November) (2019-12-07 to 2020-01-07)
oof boi 2019-09-10 Joseph ACTIVE (2019-09-10 to 2019-10-10) INACTIVE (2019-10-10 to 2019-11-10) 2 (2019-11-10 to 2019-12-10)
mapenthusiast7 2019-09-27 Moraine ACTIVE (2019-09-27 to 2019-10-27) ACTIVE (2019-10-27 to 2019-11-27) N/A
nichelyo 2019-10-09 Massodeya ACTIVE (2019-10-09 to 2019-11-09) 0 (2019-11-09 to 2019-12-09) N/A
jbobinman 2019-10-21 Drummond ACTIVE (2019-10-21 to 2019-11-21) N/A N/A
Task-80 2019-10-22 Bloomfield 3 (2019-10-22 to 2019-11-22) N/A N/A


We are a long way away from having any sort of vote on a state flag, but anybody who wants to add a flag suggestion is welcome, even non-county owners.