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! scope="row" | Lakes
! scope="row" | Lakes
| Great Eastern & Stanton Folkstone || || Minnonigan Central || || style="background: #7f7f7f; color: #FFFFFF;" | North Coast<br>Wallawaukee and Western
| Great Eastern & Stanton Folkstone<br>Compass & Western || || Minnonigan Central<br>Compass & Western || || style="background: #7f7f7f; color: #FFFFFF;" | North Coast<br>Wallawaukee and Western
! scope="row" | Northeast
! scope="row" | Northeast
Line 389: Line 389:
! scope="row" | Massodeyas
! scope="row" | Massodeyas
| Great Eastern & Stanton Folkstone || || style="background: #7f7f7f; color: #FFFFFF;" |
| Great Eastern & Stanton Folkstone<br>Compass & Western || || style="background: #7f7f7f; color: #FFFFFF;" |
! scope="row" | NE AR045
! scope="row" | NE AR045

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This page collects information to enable the establishment of a nationwide rail transport system in the Federal States.

Interregional / nationwide means: only rail transport across several states. Connections with your neighbors should be established by direct conversation, not here!

Please regard this page as a collection of ideas to start a discussion.

§ Important technical notes to users
Before you add any contribution, please make sure that
  • your contribution is realistic
  • your contribution improves the page
  • your contribution is visible on the map
  • please keep track of overwikification

General overview

Active users

Ernestpcosby, Histor, Mstr, TheMayor

Involved territories

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Related forum discussions

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Proposed tagging of railways

Railways in the Federal States are members of the International Railway Union and have to be mapped by using the tags

  • "railway"="station"
    • "name"=name of the station

related osm-wiki articles: Openstreetmap logo.svg Tagging in North America

General agreement/consensus


ArchRail is the major railroad passenger corporation that provides medium- and long-distance service.

For more, see the section about long-distance passenger transport.

Current situation

Current situation in the US

related wikipedia articles: Tango style Wikipedia Icon.svg Rail transportation in the United States

Find currently mapped railways in the FS:

Quality assurance

Freight transport

Current situation in the US

related wikipedia articles: Tango style Wikipedia Icon.svg Rail freight transport, Tango style Wikipedia Icon.svg Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Tango style Wikipedia Icon.svg Union Pacific , Tango style Wikipedia Icon.svg CSX Transportation, Tango style Wikipedia Icon.svg Norfolk Southern

Class 1 railway lines in the US
BNSF lines

UP lines

CSX lines

NS lines

Intermodal train terminals

Current situation

Find currently mapped freight railways in the FS:

Quality assurance

Freight corridors?

To decide about reasonable freight corridors it is important to know where freight have to be transported. Mapped industry and harbors can be easily found by using overpass queries:

Questions (to be answered in a multimap)

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Primary Corridors and Rail Companies

Until we can come up with a more unified naming/rating convention for FSA railways, please use the following:

  • Class A: The largest railway companies in the FSA. Connects two or more general destinations (see below).
  • Class B: Regional railways serving each general destination, but generally do not connect multiple general destinations. Requires coordination between mappers.
  • Class C: Intrastate railways. Can connect to neighboring states with coordination, but primarily only serve one state or one metropolitan area.

For the purpose of this table, there are seven general destinations for FSA freight railways; Class A railroads connect these primary areas. These are intended to represent larger regions rather than individual locations. Competition between companies is welcome, but please follow the Rule of 5: no single railroad company should have more than five links between general destinations, and no link between general destinations should be served by more than five railroad companies.

  • Southeast - Huntington/Lafayette/Warwick/Stanton/Burton corridor
  • Northeastern AR045 - presently mapped as Kaneiwa; will require coordination with new AR045 collaborative
  • The Massodeyas - primary routes to the east are expected to run through or near Massodeya City
  • Northeast - Morsboro, Yorksey, Bonnaventure, etc. up to Unesia
  • The Lakes - spans from Kennedy, Nipewa to Lake City, Minnonigan
  • Cosperica
  • Alormen
Class A/B Companies (Class B Companies shown in gray)
Southeast NE AR045 Massodeyas Northeast Lakes Cosperica Alormen
Alormen Great Eastern & Stanton Folkstone Minnonigan Central
Sauganash & Northern
Cosperica Great Western & Asperic Sauganash & Northern
Lakes Great Eastern & Stanton Folkstone
Compass & Western
Minnonigan Central
Compass & Western
North Coast
Wallawaukee and Western
Northeast Great Eastern & Stanton Folkstone
Massodeyas Great Eastern & Stanton Folkstone
Compass & Western
NE AR045 Great Eastern & Stanton Folkstone Not part of FSA

Technical details

GEFS double-stack container train

Freight rail companies

Companies are only required to tag the operator correctly. Therefore, companies in the following are just a "collection", nothing is fixed so far:

>> railway with Ewa and Forintia Railroad as operator
>> railway with GESF as operator
>> sidings with GESF as operator

Passenger transport

Apart from some single trains (on freight tracks) there is no dense nationwide passenger rail transport network in the Federal States.

Commuter rails

There are numerous commuter traffic networks, in large cities and metropolitan areas. No detailed discussion about that since they are not relevant on this page (since they are only related to one state and/or neighbors)!

Long-distance passenger transport

Long-distance passenger trains run on freight tracks, so collaboration can be focused on defining national standards:

  • length of trains? (to map the platform length) OSM: 210 - 250 m Washington Union, New Haven Union; 300 m Boston South; 355 m Philadelphia 30th Street, New York Penn' (histor)
Current situation in the US

related wikipedia articles: Tango style Wikipedia Icon.svg Amtrak

Amtrak lines, please keep in mind that some connections only run once a week!

Find currently mapped ArchRail lines:

Quality assurance

High-speed line at the East Coast?

related wikipedia articles: Tango style Wikipedia Icon.svg Acela Express