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This page will be a guide for the collaborative creation of the country of Lentia. Lentia is the OGF-Dutch (Lentian) homeland.


Road infrastructure

Road infrastructure closely follows real world Netherlands roadway principles. The following table gives some guidelines:

Road category Tag Ref Speed limit (km/h) Cycling Usage
Outside built-up areas Built-up areas
Autosnelweg motorway A1 - A999 120 (100) Prohibited Motorways link long distance relations of national importance with high volumes, fully grade separated.
(= Autoweg)
trunk E1 - E999 100 100 (80) Prohibited Expressways link slightly less important relations on a regional scale or less high volume city traffic without national importance, mostly grade separated but traffic signals or (turbo) roundabouts can in some cases exist. No pedestrians/cyclists/tractors etc. allowed, and no roadside development possible. In most cases 2x2, but can be 2x1 in some.
Gewestweg (= Rijksweg) / Provincieweg primary N1 - N999 80 50 Separate cycle lanes or parallel roads Normal roads of regional importance managed by the states or provinces. Inside city centres some important access roads managed by the municipality can also be classified as primary or secondary, without having a road number.
Gemeenteweg tertiary / Zone 60 50 Mixed with traffic, possibly separate cycle lanes or parallel roads, especially in built-up areas Normal roads of municipal importance, also connect small villages together.
Ongeclassificeerd unclassified / Zone 60 Zone 30 Mixed with traffic Unclassified roads. Mostly for access to agriculture or industry.
Woonstraat residential Residential streets where people live, but also for offices, shops,... in built-up areas.
Woonerf / Speelstraat living_street / - 20 Mixed with traffic and pedestrians Street where sidewalk and roadway are merged together so pedestrians may walk wherever they want.
Fietssnelweg cycleway F1 - F999 / / - Cycle highways connect some major regional destinations with first class bicycle infrastructure to facilitate long distance cycling. In most cases follows canals or (former) railways. Crossings with secondary roads or higher are grade separated, smaller intersections can be at grade with priority for cyclists. Sometimes parts of cycle highways can follow residential streets that are designated as cyclestreets (Fietsstraten). Numbering of cycle highways takes over a number of a nearby road connecting roughly the same destinations.

Possible speed limits are 120 - 100 - 80 - 60 - 50 - 30 - 20. Road number digits are unique for one contiguous roadway, independently of their A, E or N prefix, which only indicate the road category. So e.g. if the N54 primary road turns into a trunk, the ref changes into E54, and if it turns into a motorway the ref turns into A54. This also means it is not allowed to have e.g. both a secondary road N2 and a motorway A2 running roughly parallel, because they are different roads so should use different digits.


Lentia draft.png


A list of names for Lentian royalty.

Full titles:

  • Prinses Catherine
  • Hertogin Johanna van Zilverbergen

Just names:

  • Godfried
  • Maria
  • Sophia
  • Bernard
  • Lodewijk
  • Daniël
  • Bram
  • Ruben
  • Lukas