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[[Category:OGF maintenance]]
[[Category:OGF maintenance]]
[[Category:Tools and resources]]
[[Category:Tools and resources]]
<!-- Optional message goes here.  Click "Save changes" below to submit your report. -->
== Reporting a flood in Antarephia ==
I can confirm that there IS flooding in the following countries: Velthuria, New Austland, Bromley, AN137c, Osilgrán, and San Marcos. These are all on the Eastern coast of Antarephia, so an error must have occurred somewhere on the East Antarephian coastline? It's appearing more prominently on Histor layer, with it appearing in some parts - including Bromley City at 20m - on standard layer. Not sure about topomap.
Here's some images of what I am seeing. I have cleared my cache, tried incognito mode, and restarted computer:
https://ibb.co/xYjZ094 - Histor 100km
https://ibb.co/xD00xkv - Histor 100km
https://ibb.co/8P7DfPv - Standard 20m
Apologies if this message didnt go through properly, my expertise doesn't go so far as reporting flooding!!!
Hi there, [[OGF:Coastline maintenance]] is not reporting any errors in antarephia for me, perhaps histor layer has just failed to update from a previous flood? --[[User:Lithium|Lithium-Ion]] ([[User talk:Lithium|talk]]) [https://opengeofiction.net/user/Lithium-Ion OGF] 23:11, 13 January 2021 (CET)

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Remain calm. It will be fine.

OGF users are encouraged to learn how to fix the coastline themselves. Those who wish to report flooding should do so here, instead of posting in User Diaries, or messaging admin.

1.) Before reporting a flood, view the list of automated reports and the page history to make sure no one else has already reported it.
2.) If no one seems to have reported it, click the appropriate button below and then click "Save changes" to submit your report:
Report flooding in Antarephia
Report flooding in Archanta
Report flooding in Ereva
Report flooding in Kartumia
Report flooding in Orano
Report flooding in Pelanesia
Report flooding in Tarephia
Report flooding in Uletha
(For names of continents, click here. To report flooding on an island, click any button and then change the "Subject" line to name the location.)
3.) Once a report has been submitted, there's nothing else you need to do. Your report has been seen and will be investigated, even if there is no reply here. Remember it may take 24 hours or more for the map to return to normal, during which time you may continue editing as usual.

Automated reports

No currently known floods.

List of flood reports

Flood reports are listed below, from oldest to newest. For time/date info and who reported the flooding, view page history.