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Artist's interpretation of Ooksit

Ooksit is the name given to the cryptid that is said to inhabit the McCormick Fens, in Burton, PA. The name is aborigin, and it means "hairy man". Therefore, it is described as a hairy humanoid with a height of around 7 feet, long arms and large feet.


Early Reports

The Sewanaki people described it as a tall creature, like a hairy man with long and strong arms, long nails and big feet. It was said that this creature used to eat children that escaped outside in the woods. However, other stories tell that this beast was just a man of the tribe that, when reached his puberty, he's grown a lot of hair all around his body, and, due to lots of jokes, he ran into the forest and disappeared.
The earliest documented text describing the Ooksit, though, was written in 1746, by a local farmer called David Trent.
Last night I was keeping the cattle, when suddenly something moved between the scrub. I moved forward and saw a giant beast, hairy, and then it ran into the woodland. That was the scariest thing I've ever seen in my life.
Since there, there were a lot of testimonies of this creature, that also described its enormous feet, with footprints of one and a half feet long.

Twentieth Century