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8, -40.330, 144.514
State of Oronotia
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Largest cityGleason
 • Governor
 • Lieutenant Governor
 • Total33,503 km2
12,935 sq mi

Oronotia is a state in the Lakes Region of the Federal States of Archanta. It borders the state of Walkegan to the west and AR120-48 to the north and east. To the south it faces on to Unnamed Lake.



Highway Beginning End Notes
 OT-201  FS-20, Exit 1 Godmanchester Godmanchester Cape Highway
 OT-201 E  OT-201 Shreeve Ferry Godmanchester Cape Highway
 OT-202  FS-20, Exit 5 Shreevesport Shreeve County Parkway
 OT-203  Nordseehaven Godmanchester Eastern Shore Highway
 OT-203 W  OT-203 OT-201 North Shreeve Parkway
 OT-204  FS-20, Exit 7 Alloa Alloa Parkway
 OT-204 W  OT-204 Alloa Ferry Alloa Ferry Road


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