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11, -35.3809, 163.0920
City and County
FlagCoat of arms
FlagCoat of arms
CountryFederal States
 • StateLaine
 • CountyOrterrado
 • MayorHailey Aberdeen
 • Census (2020)1,430,320

Orterrado, officially The City and County of Orterrado (orte-RA-do) (also known by its code, 'OR', and 'Ordo' ), is the executive and judicial capital city of the state of Laine and the largest city in it. It is divided into six boroughs: Señorales, Camtoune, Delyveran, New Worthing, Biersen and Terlants.


The name of the city dates back to the pre-Ingerish colonization period when the area was first settled by Castellanese people around the early 16xx. The name is a combination of the Castellanese words "Oro" (meaning gold) and "Tierra" (meaning land) with the suffix "do". The name was given to a small Castellanese town, located around where the the neighborhood of Señoritales is located today. The name began as "Orotierra" and with time became "Óroterrado". The town, was the home for the miners who mined mainly gold in the Andalorian mountains, that were rich with it. About 30 years later, a group of Ingerish immigrants established a competitive town across the harbour, Camtoune. The mane was first mentioned as the Ingerishized name of the city, Orterrado, in a newspaper from 1672 in an article about the forthcoming unification between the two mining towns on the different sides of the Orterrado harbour, The Ingerish town and the Castellanese town as a rare cooperation between the Ingrans and the Castellanese in the region. It probably was the resolute of a drought and the increasing demand for food. In November of 1672 it got an official status as the city of Orterrado, resulting the name change of the Castellanese side to Señorales in order to prevent confusion.

Administrative Division



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New Worthing

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