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Railway service
Logo of Osikitira
Other Name(s)Sky Lark
TypeLimited Express
LocaleNorthwest Archanta
First ServiceJanuary 1959
Ridership112,320 per year
Operator(s)TC Central, TC Oderenesẙ, ZIC
Distance travelled1247 km (775 mi)
Average journey time18.5 hours
Service Frequency3 times per week
Train Number(s)1/2
On-Board services
Disabled accessPrivate Suites only
Seating arrangements2+2 in Chair Cars
Sleeping arrangementsOpen Berths and Private Suites
Catering facilitiesFull diner
Observation facilities1 glass-roof coach
Baggage facilitiesBaggage coach, berthside compartments
Rolling StockTC Series 200 coaches
Track Gauge(s)1,067mm (Calliesanyo), 1,435mm (Zylanda)
Electrification3kV DC: Seteka-Kelso, 25kV AC: Kelso-Elegantia

The Osikitira (CY Text Osikitira.svg, Sky Lark) is an overnight sleeping car train operated jointly by Central Calliesanyo Railway Company (TC Central), Oderenesẙ Railway Company (TC Oderenesẙ), and Zyland Iisnwech Companii (ZIC) between Pazima Station in Sadiema̋rkt, Calliesanyo, and Elegantia, Zylanda. The Osikitira has operated in its current form since 1994, although a similar service by the same name was operated by ZIC and the National Calliesanyan Railway Company (NCR) since 1969.


Trains for Elegantia depart Pazima Station at 15:00, calling at Varedi, Karadensiẙ, Seteka, and Kangigo before crossing the border at Keslo and continuing to Elegantia, stopping via Bluualfbrygg and Soltsteed, arriving in Elegantia at 09:36 the next day. The train in the opposite direction departs Elegantia Central at 14:00, making the same stops to arrive in Sadiemarkt at 08:40 the next day.

The train runs three times per week; Saturday/Tuesday/Thursday southbound (to Elegantia) and Monday/Wednesday/Friday northbound (to Sadiemarkt)


The Osikitira uses the following routes:

Central Calliesanyo Railway (TC Central)

  • Pazima Line - Pazima (Sadiemarkt) to Neko-Sendo
  • Vindo Line - Neko-Sendo to Varedi
  • Marikoso Line - Varedi to Karadensiẙ
  • Kofufenkoraki Line - Karadensiẙ to Seteka

Oderenesẙ Railway Company (TC Oderenesẙ)

  • Sukofenkoraki Line - Seteka to Kelso

Zyland Iisnwech Companii (ZIC)

  • Line 22 - Kelso to Elegantia Central


The Osikitira consists of ‘Nuikatoko’ (Open plan berths) and ‘Daikatoko’ (Private suite) accommodations.

Rolling Stock


Three types of locomotives are used to haul the Osikitira:

  • Pazima (Sadiemarkt) to Seteka: Two TC Central Class 96 Diesel Locomotives assigned to the Akasaki depot
  • Seteka to Kelso: One TC Oderenesẙ Class E5A Electric Locomotive assigned to the Kangigo depot
  • Kelso to Elegantia: (Locomotive as decided by ZIC)


Two sets of Series 200 coaches are used by the Osikitira. Each set is liveried in the trademark maroon and beige of the Osikitira branding instead of the standard TC Sleeper Grey. As of March 2016, the sets are marshalled in the following formations:




Generator (1)

Open Berth


Open Berth


Open Berth/

Minilounge (4)

Open Berth



Showers (6)



Sightseer Coach




Private Suite



Suite (11)

Private Suite/

Lounge (12)

Set 1 FoGa209-124 DoNu206-058 DoNu206-002 DoNuJin206-297 DoNu206-247 JinZa212-012 PaKo202-149 PaSiKo219-998 JaLi205-099 DoDai210-049 DoDai210-106 DoDaiJin210-151
Set 2 FoGa209-103 DoNu206-024 DoNu206-045 DoNuJin206-294 DoNu206-216 JinZa212-041 PaKo202-551 PaSiKo219-996 JaLi205-184 DoDai210-137 DoDai210-121 DoDaiJin210-159


National Calliesanyan Railways

The Osikitira name was first used from 12 April 1938 by an evening train from Sadiemarkt to Bleininazaga. These services connected with a daylight train to Elegantia, with passengers staying on Osikitira overnight before crossing the border on foot to the ZIC train in Greunboom-Grains. These services operated until 19 September 1950, when all border trains were discontinued during the War.

In 1959, the Osikitira name was reused for a weekly direct service to Elegantia through the newly opened Biibaholt International Friendship Tunnel. Unlike today’s services, the 1959 Osikitira operated via Lakasenmarkt instead of Varedi. These services operated until June 1994, when NCR was privatized

Tereinanen Calliesanya

Until 1999, the TC group kept Osikitira service unchanged from its NCR version. With the introduction of the August 1999 timetable, Osikitira became a thrice-weekly train, a change which necessitated moving the train off of the busy Sadiemarkt-Lakasenmarkt corridor.

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