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Republic of Oxhano
Tejhomachana ol Oxhano
Flag of Oxhano
Largest cityMeonechot
Official languagesOxhenaio
GovernmentDominant-party parliamentary constitutional republic
 • PresidentMaito Ko Janchial
 • Prime MinisterZachirai Dogmotia
 • Total253 494 km2
HDI (2017)Increase 0.897
very high
CurrencyOxhelian Kone (OXK)
Internet TLD.oo

Oxhano (pronounced: okʃæno, Ok-shano in Ingerish phonetics) is a country situated in north-west Antarephia. It is bordered to the west by Flamárország, Außterreich and the Kingdom of Elmalı, to the north by AN130 and to the east by AN136, Brulias, Mamoria and Guai. It also shares a maritime border with AN140b. To the south of the country is located the Hesperic Ocean. This country is currently under development.

Politics in Oxhano

Oxhano is a dominant-party parliamentary constitutional republic, governed by a President and it's House of Assembly, a Prime Minister and it's chamber of ministers, and the supreme court, which respectively hold the legislative, executive and judicial power. The deputees in the House of Assembly are elected by the population. The leader of the party that has the most of elected deputees, which elected by the members of the party, becomes the president, and elections are held every 5 years. Laws are created and voted by the chamber of assembly. Then, the president has the right to accept, reject or modify said laws. The Prime Ministers and the Ministers are all chosen by the President at the very beginning of his or her mandate. The judges of the supreme court are chosen by the Minister of Justice and hold that job until their retirement, at 68 years of age.

Political Parties

This is the list of all major political parties in Oxhano

  • Ont Tejhoponach ol Oxhano {OTO} (The First Party of Oxhano)
    • Right-leaning center
  • Xhonchiat ko Oxhano {XO} (Coalition for Oxhano)
    • Right-leaning
  • Banachia Tejhoponach ol Oxhano {BTO} (The New Party of Oxhano)
    • Left-leaning center
  • Otej Tejhoponach ol Ohxano {OTE} (The Centrist Party of Oxhano)
    • Centrist
  • Vatine Tejhoponach ol Oxhano {VTO} (The Free Party of Oxhano)
    • Extreme-left