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* Gaohai
* Gaohai
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Public transport in the city of Meiming is operated by the Meiming Transport Agency (Meilanese: 美名交通局). The public transport system in Meiming is an essential service to over 3 million residents and tourists in the city who do not have private vehicles. Public transport in Meiming is separated into three divisions: commuter rail, tram and light rail, and bus.

Forms of payment

All public transit facilities in Meiming and most private taxis accept the Meiming Card (Meilanese: 美名卡), a reloadable contactless smartcard. Single-journey, day pass, and weekly passes are also available. A single journey is valid for a period of two hours, during which a user must complete his or her trip.


Fares for all trips are calculated based on how many zones are traversed during the trip. There are two classes of fares: adult and reduced (for seniors and students). Fares are as follows:

  • 1 zone: 2 shu adult, 1 shu reduced
  • 2 zones: 3 shu adult, 1.5 shu reduced
  • 3 zones: 4 shu adult, 2 shu reduced
  • Airport zone: To enter or exit the airport zone, an additional 1 shu (0.5 shu for reduced) fare is charged.

The fare zones are as follows:

  • Zone 1: Meiming Island - all of Meiming city centre and island
  • Zone 2: Inner Suburban Zone - including Nan'an, Dini, Longxi, and Minli but excluding the airport
  • Zone 3: Outer Suburban Zone - including Longchuan and Kangqiao
  • Airport Zone: Longkou International Airport only

For bus rapid transit, trams, light rail, and commuter rail systems, fares are purchased before boarding at electronic fare machines. Fares for buses are purchased upon boarding. Most buses, except certain inter-city routes, do not cross zone boundaries.

Underground rail ban

A regulation passed in 1975 to preserve the environmentally sensitive soil underneath Meiming prevents the city from building any heavy rail underground transportation systems. Tunnelling is also very expensive and has been limited to a few sections of the tramway and bus rapid transit networks.

Intercity rail

Meiming is served by two intercity rail services, Meiming Intercity and Coast Express.

Meiming Intercity

  • Line 1: Meiming North or International Passenger Terminal – Meiming Baoxing via Meiming
  • Line 2: Meiming North – Kangqiao via Meiming
  • Line 3: Meiming – Pulei via Erlian
  • Line 4: Meiming Baoxing – Kangqiao via Erlian
  • Airport Line: Meiming North – Longkou International Airport via Meiming

Coast Express

  • B: Meiming – Suhui (local service)
  • F: Meiming – Futong Ocean Airport (express service)


There are various tramway lines in operation. Routes that begin with the prefix T are main routes that feature four-car trams, frequent service, and a dedicated right-of-way along its entire length, while routes numbered 50-100 without a prefix feature shorter vehicles and operate in mixed traffic for all or part of their routes.

  • Line T1
    • Branch T1A: Railway Station Grand Square – Longchang University via Caoxi Road
    • Branch T1B: Railway Station Grand Square – Longchang University via Siping Road
    • Note: In late night and weekends, branches A and B operate as a single ring continuous service via Longchang University and is named T1C.
  • Line T2
    • Railway Station Grand Square – Xiangyang Road
    • Expansion north to Beitong planned
  • Line T9
    • Dongshu Oceanside – Yaohua Road
    • Expansion to Xinmatou planned
  • Line 50
    • Yaohua Road Oceanside – Zhufeng
    • Expansion west to Pengda and Xinmatou planned
  • Line 51
    • Ji'an Square – Gaohai
  • Line 54
    • Ji'an Square – Meiming Grand Theatre
  • Line 55
    • Siping Road-Dongshu Oceanside – Dongfang Road

Bus Rapid Transit

There are four bus rapid transit lines in Meiming. The bus rapid transit lines serve as important backbones of the entire public transit system. Meiming brt.svg The lines in operation are:

  • Line A
    • Xinmatou – Baoxing
  • Line B
    • Power Plant – Dongshu Oceanside
  • Line C
    • Baoxing – Dadongfang
    • Baoxing – Gaohai
  • Line F
    • Dadongfang – Yingchun Road Canalside

Future expansions include:

  • Line C
    • Dadongfang – Beitong
  • Line D
    • Hongxing Square – International Passenger Terminal
  • Line F
    • Dadongfang – Dongfang Road Oceanside

There is also a small bus rapid transit ring line in Luhua and around the Meiming National Stadium sports facilities. It connects many residential communities north of the sports area, as well as the Meilan National Tennis Centre and Dongfang Commerce City

  • Sports Line
    • Luhua – Luhua via Lianhe Village and Handanzhai

Local Buses

There are many local bus routes in Meiming. Major bus hubs are:

  • Meiming Railway Station Grand Square
  • Meiming Railway Station West Square
  • Meiming North Railway Station
  • Longkou International Airport
  • Xinmatou
  • Pengda
  • Luhua
  • Baoxing
  • Dongshu Oceanside
  • Meiming Grand Theatre
  • Gaohai