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The RVK class 038 is a type of electric multiple unit used in Karolia and elsewhere. It was and still is widely used on suburban railway networks and was popular with transportation authorities due to its sturdy build and reliable if dated design.

The earliest version of the class 038 was first produced in 1970 and the last entered service in 1989. There are a variety of different front end designs in use but all share the same basic dimensions and electrical equipment. The type was available as a two-car or a three-car set with Jacobs bogies between cars.

Use overseas


Six used 038 units were sold to Arataran in 1995 for use on suburban lines around Mostrakago, which has the same track gauge. They are still in service as of 2016.


An unrecorded number of the earliest 038 units were donated to help rebuild Commonian Railways during a ceasefire in the 2000s. They were re-gauged to fit the standard gauge used in the country, and as station facilities generally lacked full-height platforms the width of the units was not a problem (several exported 38s had lower panels removed to allow them to pass obstacles. As of 2016 it would appear that all the units have been destroyed or put out of service by the war action. At least two are known to be used as shelters by refugees, having had the steel bogies removed and the cars supported on wooden logs.