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Class 44 is the main designation for several types of single-level passenger wagon in use on the railways in Karolia with RVK-KSF and Kyoras Raud and part of the family known as 'Siipa'. It was manufactured between 1993-1998. The Class 44 is primarily configured for limited-stop services and is hauled by an electric or diesel-electric locomotive at one end with a control car at the other.

The design uses the J-Series platform manufactured by Celedo Rail and shares its basic platform with the Class 23, Class 40 and Class 41 families .


The class 44 was designed for use primarily for long-distance limited-stop services, and as such contains only a single pair of doors at one end and wider seats. The units are permanently-coupled either side of the bistro car.


  • Length 23m (excluding gangways)
  • Width 3.3m
  • Wheels 12
  • Seats 71/63

Motive power

The sets are compatible with all passenger electric locomotives currently in service in Karolia, and the control car is able to switch voltages if, for example, the journey involves crossing the border into Darcodia.


Side view of an uncoupled 2nd class car in Kyoras Raud colours
The Siipa platform has been manufactured in several configurations, all with the same basic shape and dimensions. Due to the large loading gauge in Karolia, five-across seating can easily be provided, however most operators have decided to install four-across seating even in second class, with a wide aisle.

No units except the control car have powered axles, but all have hotel power and are permanently coupled. Recently regenerative braking has been

A typical trainset will consist of the following:

  • 2nd class control car (class 45)
  • 2nd class car with toilet (class 440/3)
  • 2nd class car with cycle storage (class 440/1)
  • 2nd class car with luggage compartment (class 440/2)
  • Bistro car (class 441)
  • 2nd class car with toilet (class 440/3)
  • 2nd class car with luggage compartment (class 440/2)
  • 1st class car with guard compartment (class 440/4)
  • 1st class car with toilet (class 440/3)
  • Locomotive

Shorter sets will omit a bistro car and one or more of the passenger cars.

Passenger wagon (class 440)

The most common configuration is for half the interior space to be set out as an open saloon, and half 8-seat compartments. A space at one end can be installed with a disabled-accessible toilet, guard's office, luggage area or bicycle storage. At the other end are a pair of external doors in a vestibule. 2nd class seating is usually 2+2, with 31 seats across a central aisle, each side of the aisle facing a different direction, and in the five compartments 4 on each side, making a total of 71 seats. In first class the seating is a wider 2+2 with a narrower aisle and greater legroom as well as tables. Luggage lockers are located above the seats as are individual heating and AC controls, and a reading light.

Bistro car (class 441)

Full-length trains will contain a bistro car which has a bar, storage and cooking facilities, children's play area and seating for customers of the bar. The windows may be a different layout to the standard saloon car.

Baggage car (class 442)

Another variant known as class 442 has 36 seats and the other half of its length given over to bicycles, luggage and mail. Not many of these were manufactured.

Control car (Class 45)

The control car derived from the wagon design is technically known as the Class 45. It is nearly identical in dimensions and configuration to the standard carriage, apart from being a few centimeters longer and having a streamlined end with a control cabin and space for electrical equipment and crew storage, which entails having one fewer compartment and thus 63 seats. It also has a cut-down area on the roof just behind this end for a pantograph and transformer equipment. An additional passenger door is provided at the end of the compartment section on the corridor side only.


Currently the Class 44 series is in service in Karolia with state railways RVK-KSF and with the private operator Kyoras Raud. KR bought six 8-car trainsets new and have recently acquired a further seven 10-car sets from RVK. A similar version is in use in Darcodia but only on lines with the adequate loading gauge.

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