Rabbi David Birnbaum

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David Birnbaum was born 1756 in the old jewish quarter in Du Bois - see 17, -11.43948, 37.59104. He was the most important person at the beginning of the 19th century for the emanzipation of jewish people in Latina on the one side and at the other hand the pioneer of reforming the life in the jewish community.

His father too was a rabbi and so the boy in early years learn to read and ro write. Frederic du Bois (1709 - 1781), the last ruler of the principality of Du Bois and later the first govenor of the latinian province Guimbras, was told about the talent of this young boy and so 1766 David Birnbaum was educated at the elite school of the town.

His education ended 1779 with two targets - first as lawywer and second as rabbi. The jewish people in Du Bois are living with great tolerance in Du Bois, but in the rest of the colony of Latina the conditions for them are not so good. Therefore his work was in first line, to give jewish people the same civil rights as other people. This dream get true, as after 45 years in the constitution of the republic 1824 this clearly was written.

To make it easyer, to live as jew in a modern society, he too beginn to work with friends at a reform of jewish live. Here he got more opposition from his own people as from the other part of the latinian society in the question of emancipation.

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1826, 70 years old, he was killed at an meeting in Scippo for the opening at the new synagogue at the Plaza Goliath on the way from his hotel to the synagogue - see 16, -13.1140, 44.4956. The murder - the fundamental orthodox Fernando Zaches - was shot down from the police and died three days later in a hospital.

David Birnbaum was married since 1784 til her death 1811 with Anna Varech. Together they have 4 children. He is buried in the "philosophers corner" at the cemetery "Honor de Patria" in Latina (Cidudad).