Railways in Aorangëa and East Anglesbury

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Passenger Service

There are suburban high frequency services near Whangiora, Otangia, Youcester and Fawltryncham. There are regional and long distance services between these cities and also towards (the ferry port) and Yawk, Rustwick, Kiranēna and Múlraidh. The frequency and stopping pattern varies and some trains run as sleeper services. There are also some lines which are only served by parliamentary trains, with a frequency varying between daily and weekly.

Whangiora Metro

Otangia Metro

Youcester Metro

Fawltryncham Metro

Corridor 1: Whangiora - Yawk

Corridor 2: Whangiora - Rustwick et. al.

Corridor 3: Whangiora - Elleah

Corridor 4: Whangiora - Fawltryncham

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Corridor 4
BSicon uSTR+l.svgBSicon .svgBSicon .svgBSicon .svgBSicon .svgBSicon .svgBSicon .svg Whangiora Metro
BSicon uSTR.svgBSicon STR+l.svgBSicon .svgBSicon .svgBSicon .svgBSicon .svgBSicon .svg Whangiora City Tunnel
BSicon uKBHFe-L.svgBSicon BHF-M.svgBSicon KBHFa-M.svgBSicon KBHFa-M.svgBSicon KBHFa-M.svgBSicon KBHFa-M.svgBSicon KBHFa-R.svg 0.0 Whangiora Central

Corridor 5: Fawltryncham - Elleah

Corridor 6: Otangia - Elleah

Corridor 7: Youcester - Elleah

Corridor 8: Otangia - Youcester

Corridor 9: Otangia - Múlraidh

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