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FlagCoat of arms
FlagCoat of arms
 • PrefectureRemiville
 • CountyPearce
Ethnic Groups
Native Belphenian (93%), Orinocan (42%), Zerephinese (48%),
NationalitiesErzannan (25%), Sephorian (86%)
 • MayorJohn Esphrenia
 • Vice MayorLucy Esphrenia
 • Head ChairAyase Hailahani
 • Total
 • Urban
 • Rural
Elevation287 m (942 ft)
 • Estimate (2014)3,655,993
 • Census (2013)3,656,098

Remiville, officially the City-State of Remiville and commonly referred to as Belphenia City, is a city-state and capital of Belphenia. The discovery of Belphenia in 2007 resulted in the creation of a city-state beside Lake Chesuncook. As a city-state, it is therefore part of the prefecture of the same name. As of March 2015, 62% of the city is finished.

Remiville had an estimated population of 3,655,993 in 2014, the most populous city in Belphenia ahead of Shirahoshi and Zerephine City.


In 2006, Orinocan explorers Reiko Beard and Erza Beard gathered a team of explorers in a private meeting in First Harbor on a quest in exploring the unclaimed territory west of Orinoco. One of Reiko's goals is to establish a settlement in the unclaimed territory just like what she did in Reback in 1999, but with new additions including creating a native population for the unclaimed territory with the name Remiville as the proposed capital.

On January 12, 2007, the explorers left First Harbor and headed west into the unclaimed territory using off-road vehicles. One explorer, Justine Warner, discovered a large river and named it as the Shirahoshi River, but dropped out from Reiko's trip to establish Calumet City. Reiko's team dealt with getting across large rivers by building makeshift bridges, getting past mountain ranges, and areas where lakes are common.

Establishment of Remiville

On February 2, 2007, getting through lake countries in the central part of the unclaimed territory had its toll on Reiko Beard. Reiko and her team got tired and settled on a floodplain near a lake. She named the settlement as Remiville, claiming the unclaimed territory as the Kingdom of Belphenia and declared themselves as the Native Belphenians. She also started a city building project for Remiville as well.

Throughout 2007, the government of Belphenia was established and declared Remiville as a capital city and city-state, with Reiko Beard becoming the First Leader of Belphenia. City building projects progressed throughout March and July as more residents moved out of Orinoco and established villages near Remiville. In September 2007, the first Interstate highway was built in Remiville's Penobscot Estates district.

Contemporary history

In 2011, the April 5 attacks took place across Belphenia during Reiko's reign when Heidi Law was eavesdropping on Reiko and her father Nathaniel Beard's debate over the entertainment industry. The news of the ban in media content was carried out by Reiko's father sparked mass violence, terrorism, and territorial disputes across Belphenia that caused the entertainment industry to collapse and the stock market to crash. Heidi's terrorist organization, called the Destructive Prime, wantonly destroyed much of Remiville's downtown area triggering building collapses. In June 2011, Reiko overthrew Heidi and the Destructive Prime from holding its Belphenians hostage by military force for the involvement of war crimes committed by Heidi.

Throughout 2014, Remiville's downtown area was rebuilt on a floodplain in a rapid rebuilding project launched by the Housing and Urban Development Council and the Workers' Party of Belphenia. Urban development projects in Remiville's sister cities, Magehaven in Belphenia, and Reback in Drevet progressed. At least more than 20 million workers from around the world were recruited between 2011 and 2014. Since 2008, half of the Interstate highway system were built connecting Belphenia to Uletha and the world.

In March 2015, 62% of the Remiville Metropolitan Area were built amid the suspension of Reback's redevelopment project on the Reback-Duranth International Airport. Because of the suspension in Drevet, all Reback workers have been transferred to the Remiville International Airport redevelopment project in Magehaven, Remiville.