Romano-Slevic languages

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The Romano-Slevic language group is a group of many rather insignificant Slevic languages spoken in central Uletha, more specifically in and around Antharia, Suria, Ispelia and Midistland. They are most probably variations of the language spoken in Romany before becoming a Garlian protectorate in the 9th century.


The following text is translated to the 3 most frequent Romano-Slevic languages below.

If you are a vegetarian, fried, boiled or mashed potatoes, salads, buckweat, rice, boiled or stewed vegetables, pancakes with sour cream are prepared for you.

Type 1 Romano-Slevic

(spoken mainly in Antharia and Suria)

Esli vî veghetarianeț, dlià vas prigotoviat jarenuiu ili varionuiu, cartoșchi, cartofelnoe piurè, salatî, grec̦nevuiu ili tușionâie ovosci, blinî, oladi so smetanoi.

Type 2 Romano-Slevic

(spoken mainly in and around Suria)

Єсʌи вѫ вєгєтaринєц, дʌѧ̀ вaс пригѡтѡвѧт жaрєнꙋю иʌи вaрïѡнꙋю, кaртѡшчй, кaртѡфєʌнѡє пюрє̀, сaʌaтѫ, грєчнєвꙋю иʌи тꙋшïѡнѫïє ѡвѡсчй, бʌинѫ, ѡʌaди сѡ смєтaнѡй.

Type 3 Romano-Slevic

(spoken mainly in Midistland)

Eszli vi vegetarni, vli vas prigotoviat jarenin u varion cartoszk, strevetin cartofli, salati, grecnevin u tusionin ovosci, bleni, oladi co smetanin.