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12, -30.4535, 155.5101
 • StatePhrengal
 • MayorWillie Moon
 • Estimate (2015)1,487,000
 • Density1264/km2

Roscovina is the largest city in Randalia. It is the capitol of the state of Phrengala, and the seat of Roscovina County. The city proper covers an area of 1176.02 sq. km. (454.06 sq. mi.). Roscovina is located on the coast of the Bay of Randalia, an arm of the Gulf of Archanta, at the mouths of the Phrengala and Ajax Rivers.


The present day city was founded in the year 1555 as Fort Tranquility. When Randalia became a republic, it was renamed in honor of King Roscoe the thirteenth.

View of Downtown from Harbor Boulevard


Metropolitan Area

The Metropolitan Area consists of cities, towns, and suburbs in the counties of Roscovina,Greensport, and Pinella counties plus the satellite city of Halcyon City. The total population of the metro area is 2,652,000.

Communities and Neighborhoods

Roscovina is divided into 14 districts. The smallest in population is Silverwood Island (2000), the largest is Langerfields (132,000)

Districts of Roscovina
District Name Area Sq. Km. Area Sq. Mi. Population Neighborhoods
Airport 71.20 27.49 3,000 n/a
Berkley 71.80 27.72 89,800 8
Chandler 15.00 5.79 25,000 5
Cimarron 72.24 27.89 110,500 7
North End 48.23 57.23 183,000 11
Langerfields 163.20 63.01 204,500 tbd
Lauderdale 153.90 59.42 203,600 6
Minerva 144.43 55.76 192,600 tbd
Stratton 103.71 40.04 141,000 7
Pandora 81.65 31.53 112,700 6
Paramount 81.48 31.46 113,000 7
Roscovina Central 8.02 3.09 19,800 n/a
Silverwood Island 1.44 0.56 3,000 1
Vernas 59.71 23.05 85,500 7


Roscovina's climate consists of hot humid summers and mild winters. Precipitation averages about 50 inches(1300 mm) per year with most occurring in summer and winter. Frequent heavy thunderstorms of short duration occur in the summer months while winter rainfalls are lighter but can occur over several days at a time. April is the driest month. The average January high temperature is 91 F(33 C) and the average low is 75 F(24 c). The July extremes are 62 F(17 C) and 45 F (7 C). Snowfall has occurred on rare occasions. The record high temperature ever recorded is 105 F(41 C), on January 13, 1955. The record low is 9 F (-13 C), recorded on August 1, 1982. The last hurricane to cause major damage to the city was Daphne which hit on March 11, 1977.




  • Asperia Industries map
  • Optima Healthcare


Places of Interest and Attractions

  • Adventure Galaxy (Theme Park) map
  • Civic Center Theatre map
  • Fort Tranquility map
Fort Tranquility
  • Historical District map Six square block downtown area with a high concentration of restaurants, nightclubs, and bars
  • Roscovina Art Museum map
  • Metropolitan Arena map
  • Midtown Mall map Urban retail mall converted to office usage in 2003, contains one of world's largest indoor fountains.
  • Asperia Stadium map Home of Gridiron football team (future)
  • Optima Tower map 52 story skyscraper with observation deck, nation's tallest building, located at 450 Crane Ave.
Optima Tower
  • Roscovina Convention Center map
  • Roscovina Zoo map
  • Randalia International Raceway map
  • Bank of Randalia Stadium map Home of National Soccer team


Sports and Recreation



There are several teams of the Randalia Professional Volleyball League (RPVL) based in the Roscovina area


There are two Level A teams in the Randalia League of Baseball. The Reds play their home games in Union Mission Ballpark map and the Skylarks are based at Skylark Field map

Gridiron Football

  • tbd


  • Otter Creek Nature Park map, 2,087 Acres
  • Fox River Park map, 804 Acres
  • Blackstone Creek Park map, 1,005 Acres
  • Outland Park map, 1,313 Acres
  • Beaver Creek Park map, 142 Acres
  • Lake Tango Park map, 718 Acres

Golf Courses

  • Lakewood map
  • Dos Riveras map
  • Riverside Woods map
  • Century Forest Links map



Roscovina has 27 High Schools, 54 Middle Schools and 107 Elementary Schools.

Colleges and Universities


  • University of Roscovina map


  • Terranova University map
  • Riverside College map
  • Foster Glen College map


  • Franklin Benjamin College of Design map
  • Price Technical Institute map
  • Van Lear Academy of Art map



  • The Roscovina News Ledger


Randalia National Broadcasting

  • RNRW 680,(RNB-1)
  • RNRX 91.5, (RNB-2)


  • RNTR Channel 5, Randalia National Television(RNT)
  • RGCL Channel 9, TV Randalia (TVR)




  • Randelec



  • Randtel

Cable TV/Internet

  • SelecTech


Primary Routes

Randroadsign R1.png Randroadsign R2.png Randroadsign R25.png Randroadsign R50.png


Randroadsign M1.png Randroadsign M2.png Randroadsign M5.png Randroadsign M6.png Randroadsign M101.png Randroadsign M102.png

Mass Transportation

Roscovina Transportation Authority (RTA) - Light Rail and Metro Bus Lines

Roscovina Station - Passenger Rail and Commuter Rail map Trailblazer - National Bus Line


  • Roscovina International Airport map
  • North City Municipal Airport map
  • Riverside Municipal Airport


  • Two Rivers Municipal Airport map
  • Southeast City Municipal Airport



  • Midtown Medical Center map
  • Berkley Community Hospital map
  • Chandler Community Hospital map
  • Gibraltar Community Hospital map
  • Vernas Community Hospital map
  • Paramount Community Hospital map
  • Cimarron Community Hospital map
  • Lauderdale Community Hospital map
  • Langerfields Community Hospital map
  • Stratton Community Hospital map
  • Minerva Community Hospital map
  • Pandora Community Hospital map