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Saiku original label.png
Saiku is a brewery and one of the most popular brands of beer in Karolia. The original variety is exported around the world and today it is the brand of beer most associated with Karolia.


Saiku has been brewed in Sebee since the founding of a brewery by two brothers in 1685. The surrounding regions had an ideal climate for growing barley and hops and the local water almost the perfect pH balance for brewing them. The building of a canal to the sea in 1822 allowed the brewery to start to export overseas.



The original brew, claimed to be unchanged since 1685. It is the most widely sold of all varieties and has a crisp and dry flavour and orange-gold colour.

Saiku vaalea

A blond beer first brewed in 1920. It was not produced between 1969 and 1994 but has been steadily gaining in popularity since then amongst Karolian drinkers

Saiku Porter

A dark porter, although with a nuttier flavour than the traditional Inglish porters.

Saiku Jäää

The most recent variety is a chilled version of the original brew to tempt lager drinkers.