Sea of Uthyra

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The main Sea of Uthyra features more than a dozen minor seas and large gulfs, highlighted here in light blue

The Sea of Uthyra (English pronunciation: [uːtiːrɑː]) is located between northeastern Tarephia and southwestern Uletha. Due to the location of the Strait of Abren at its northern end, the Uthyra has a history as a busy corridor for travel between the Hesperic and Asperic Oceans that dates back to ancient times. The sea remains one of the world's busiest shipping routes to this day. The southern end of the sea lies directly along the Equator; it is marked on the west by Gardiner Point in San Alvarez, and on the east by Cabo Bonito in Libória.

There are a number of important geographic features that relate to the Uthyra. While continental Tarephia lies to the west, Uletha's slender, tropical Liberan Peninsula encloses the sea on the east. There are also more than a dozen minor seas and large gulfs along the Uthyra's edges. After passing through the Strait of Abren, for instance, one enters the Ilemian Sea (Castellanese: Mar Ilemia), passing through the Stephanian Strait (Estrecho de Estefania) before entering the upper Uthyran. The Liberian Strait also connects the Uthyra to the Sea of Mojaca via UL02c.

The countries with coastlines on the Sea of Uthyra, moving clockwise from its southwestern to southeastern ends, are San Alvarez, Islatramma, TA091b, Aükkomma, Reino de Smrún, TA092, Cutral Có, Uthira Stadt (Mergany), Reino Pablo, Ammirice, Principado de Costa Áurea, República Federal de Garània, Sudharka, TA097, TA098, Vodeo, Serkan, TA013, Thalassa, Targueral, Draco, South Serion, Gamen, TA023, Sirrhae, Serrión, Ulifax, TA025, Pohenicia, Aionos (Egani), TA017a, TA017, TA026c, Dematisna, Egani, Sathria, Mauretia, UL02f, UL02g, UL02h, UL02i Arion, UL02d, UL02k, UL02c, UL03f, UL03l, and Libória.

The Uthyra also contains a number of island nations, including (moving in the same direction) Liria, Ncadézaz, Carpatia, Promissão, Hustububgeris, TA014a, TA015, TA330, Islas Doradas, TA332, Akor Eganê (Egani), Dosta, Aeda, Ensoleillé Islands, Onissia, and UL215.