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[[Lorava]] ([[Litvania]]);
[[Lorava]] ([[Litvania]]);
[[Odrava]] ([[Drabantia]]);
[[Odrava]] ([[Drabantia]]);
[[Lakana]] ([[Kaneiwa]])
[[Lacanier]] ([[Ardencia]]);
[[Dolores]] ([[Tamarindia]]);
[[Brusey]] ([[Ammirice]]);
[[Arona]] ([[Garania]]);
[[Bahia Fuerte]] ([[Costa Aurea]])
   | A (intercontinental in main building, regional international in east wing)
   | A (intercontinental in main building, regional international in east wing)
   | Intercontinental flights fly through the main portion of Terminal A, while more regional flights fly through the East Wing of Terminal A.
   | Intercontinental flights fly through the main portion of Terminal A, while more regional flights fly through the East Wing of Terminal A.

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Sean Bond International Airport (WAAT code- SBD, ANACA code- MFSB) is Freedemia's main international and intercontinental airport. It primarily serves the Quentinsburgh metropolitan area, although it is sometimes used as a secondary airport for Laneston-Vandover. The airport also acts as a hub for international flights crossing the Ardentic Ocean to Kartumia and Ereva.

Z14, -3.39 °S, -2.38 °W
Sean Bond International Airport
Sean Bond International Airport
(national name)

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Basic information
Country FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia
City Quentinsburgh
Began operation 1968 (extensions in 1974, 1992, 2014, 2015)
Passengers A lot (millions)
Direction Length
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Number Length
Highways U-4, U-204
Metro lines QUARTA routes 7, 7x, 9, 14 and 14x (via tram), QLink BRT
Tram lines tram to terminals, hotels, rental car center, etc


In the early 1960's, President Sean Bond put in place plans to build a new airport to better connect Freedemia to the rest of the world. Quentinsburgh needed a better connection than the undersized Arthur Read Airstrip (the only remains of the airstrip is today the easternmost runway of SBD Intl.). The newly constructed airport was originally dubbed Quentinsburgh/Freedemian International Airport until 1973, when it was renamed for former president Bond.

Today's Terminal A is actually the newest terminal built in 1992 and renovated in 2014. Terminal B was the original terminal open for many years (since 1968 and remodeled in 2014), and terminal C was built in 1974 to act as the new main terminal (remodeled in 2010). However, when Terminal A was completed it became the new main terminal.

In 2015, two expansions were completed- the East Wing of Terminal A and the West Wing of Terminal B. FreedemiAir International Flights began to use all of Terminal A including the expansion, while other international flights used Terminal C. The new West Wing of Terminal B was to give more space for more international flights, and eventually more international flights from other airlines. FreedemiAir International Flights now fly out of all of Terminal A. Regional international flights, like Safrisco use the newer East Wing, while major long distance intercontinental flights (St. Richards, Khaiwoon, Latina, etc) will fly from the main portion of Terminal A. FreedemiAir shuttle flights like the domestic Ciudad Nature shuttle service fly through Terminal B to save space in Terminal A, while a large increase in Non-FreedemiAir international flights led SBD to move Ikk´bin, FlyMe, and Guai Airways to Terminal B. Other Non-FreedemiAir International Flights still fly through Terminal C, which saw no major changes.

In 2015, Terminal D, a private terminal separate from the other three was completed. It was built to be used for large charter flights, governmental flights, high profile flights, and a few freight and/or industrial flights.

Ground Transportation

QUARTA (Quentinsburgh Urban Area Rapid Transit Authority)

A tram operated by QUARTA, Quentinsburgh's metropolitan transit authority, runs from the terminals to the consolidated rental car center to SBD Airport Transit Center and metro station, where riders can transfer to the QLine Metro system's lines 7, 7x, 9, 14, 14x, and AX (an airport shuttle straight to downtown) and several local and express buses, also operated by QUARTA. QUARTA Commuter rail lines C1. C6, and C7 (which serves as a direct connection to Walter Sanderson International Airport) also stops at the transit center. The BLink and CLink in the QLink Rapid Network have stops at SBD Airport Transit Center, Terminals A, B, C and the Rental Car Center.

Other Ground Transportation

Greenleaf Bus Lines also has a station at the SBD Airport transit center, providing intercity bus service. Select FreedemiRail trains on the Loopliner, Coastliner, and East/River Line also stop at Airport Station.


Sean Bond International is looking very hard to become one of the major international hubs in Tarephia. They are still expanding to many more airlines and to many more international destinations.

Terminal D

Sean Bond International Airport was built in a small area, in a time where Freedemia was just beginning to have a medium demand for international flights and tourism. As such, Freedemia's growth over the years and the increased demand have become a strain on Sean Bond Intl. Plans are in place for a final terminal, an improved full-sized passenger Terminal D, near the current location of the current private Terminal D. This is a long term project, that is to be constructed specifically if Sean Bond International grows further over the next 20 or 30 years.

Walter Sanderson International Airport

Quentinsburgh's suburb, Mathersburgh, is also home to a fairly new international airport, Walter Sanderson International Airport. Currently, Walter Sanderson Intl. acts as the new primary freight and private flight airport for Quentinsburgh, while also primarily serving points north of Quentinsburgh, including Mathersburgh, Fort Elwood, Laneston-Vandover, and Malpelo, taking that weight off of Sean Bond International Airport. Walter Sanderson Intl. is expected to eventually grow further into a major city hub with more intercontinental flights. Walter Sanderson Intl. was deliberately built at a larger scale than currently necessary and with room to expand. It's expected that within the next 20 years several airlines will begin flying in through WSD Intl., and that as Freedemia continues to grow, that Walter Sanderson International will be better suited to take the weight off of Sean Bond International for all points north.

At some point in the far future, the majority of flights may transition to a fully expanded Walter Sanderson International (renamed Walter Sanderson Intercontinental Airport), opening up Sean Bond International as more of a downtown secondary airport/domestic and regional business airport. This, however, is subject to change and is unlikely to happen unless major changes occur in the next 50-75 years.


Terminal Purpose Airlines Notes
Terminal A- Main Terminal FreedemiAir International Flights (Intercontinental) FreedemiAir only Originally built in 1992, remodeled in 2014.
Terminal A- East Wing FreedemiAir International Flights (Regional) FreedemiAir only Added onto Terminal A in 2015.
Terminal B FreedemiAir Minor Flights and Non-FreedemiAir Regional International Flights FreedemiAir, FlyMe, Ikk´bin, Guai Airways Originally built in 1968, remodeled in 2014.
Terminal C Non-FreedemiAir International Flights Paxair, Paroyan Airways, Air Karolia, Air Wiwaxia, DeltAir, Gobrassian, AnthAir, Flyht Myrcia, AeroIndigo, Air Ataraxie, BalonisAir, Litvanian Airlines, Air New Ingerland, Ingerish Airways, Dominion Air, AOAir, MordetoAir, Air Valaga, Nimiri Halaban, Merganwings Originally built in 1974, renovated in 2010. Paroyan Airways is currently Terminal C's biggest tenant.
Terminal D Private Flights, Charter Flights, High Profile Flights, Freight Flights. N/A Built in 2015. Not home to any fixed passenger flights.

Current Airlines and Destinations

Airline Destination Terminal Notes
FreedemiAir (International)

Gobras City (Gobrassanya); Khaiwoon (Khaiwoon); Latina (Cidudad) (Latina); Meiming (Meilan); Beishan (Meilan); Patriot City (Jefferson); Porto Real (Florescenta); Pyingshum (Kojo); Safrisco (Paxtar); Säntjana (Karolia); St. Richards (Pretany); Tarott (Kalm); Troie (Brocelliande); Valoris (Brocelliande); Winburgh (Ingerland); Vai (Guai); Slovech (Belgravia); Campo Verde (Brasonia); Marie City (Hoppon); Trevers (Paroy); Port Mallore (Mallorjhe); Barnia (Castellan); Puerto Elisabeth (Pohenicia); Wallawaukee (Federal States); Stanton (Federal States); Ciudad de Vega (Vega); Reinstadt (Kaosha); Yu-King (Cinasia); Valka (Valaga); Koescad (Koescad); Jade Coast (Castine); Idnah (TA018); Iola (Mauretia); La Pinta (Baldoria); Ek-Balam (Balam-Utz); Gillarca (Gardensa); Aludres (Leresso); Magenta (West Kadmar/Leresso); Alcantara (Luslandia); Silverseas (Mecyna); San Martin (Wallea); Kingsbury (New Ingerland); Whangoria (Aorangēa); Canan (Al-Kaza); Lorava (Litvania); Odrava (Drabantia); Lacanier (Ardencia); Dolores (Tamarindia); Brusey (Ammirice); Arona (Garania); Bahia Fuerte (Costa Aurea)

A (intercontinental in main building, regional international in east wing) Intercontinental flights fly through the main portion of Terminal A, while more regional flights fly through the East Wing of Terminal A.
FreedemiAir (Domestic) Ciudad Nature, Freedemia (Express shuttle flight) B All FreedemiAir domestic flights fly through Terminal B. Considering Freedemia's small size, currently the only domestic flight is a nonstop shuttle-express from Sean Bond Intl. to Ciudad Nature's Aeropuerto Ciudad Nature.
Air Karolia Beishan, Säntjana C 5 flights weekly, no flights Tuesday or Thursday, flights run to Säntjana via Beishan.
Air Wiwaxia Lydgate, Wiwaxmouthe C
Paxair Carmellium (Paxtar), Safrisco (Paxtar) C Carmellium is 2 flights daily, Safrisco is 4 flights Mon-Fri and 3 Flights Sat and Sun. Paxair has one of the largest presences in Terminal C.
Gobrassian Airlines Gobras City C
AOAir Whangiora C
Dominion Air Saviso C
Paroyan Airways Trevers, Coleraine C 21 weekly to Coleraine (3 flights Mon-Fri, 2 flights Sat-Sun), 14 weekly to Trevers (2 flights daily). Paroyan Airways has the largest presense in Terminal C.
Ikk´bin Airlines Balam-Utz B
Guai Airways Vai (Guai) B Vai is 4 flights Mon-Fri and 3 Flights Sat and Sun. Guai Airways has the largest presence in Terminal B.
AnthAir Bărădin C
Flyht Myrcia Dunwic C
FlyMe Vai (Guai) B
DeltAir Vai (Guai), Malojdeh C
AeroIndigo Sadiemarkt, Khaiwoon, Cassenaux-Sur-Mer, Säntjana C
Air Ataraxie Hav, Léopoldville C
Litvanian Airlines Loravia, Litvania C
MordetoAir Akvo-Fjǿrkand, Mordeto C
Merganwings Gobras City, Stanncatt C
Air Valaga Valka (Valaga) C
Nimiri Halaban Hexagonia City, Tigeria C