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17, -47.47570, 45.00781
 • DistrictEstôn
 • MunicipalityStuprim Pâtri
 • CountyStuprim
DemonymSevlôniêv, Sevlonish
 • MayorKardâ Bôlsvor
 • Total5.96 km2
 • Estimate (2018)700
 • Density117.45/km2
Postal CodeE331
Telephone Code0711
BusesStuprim Line 102

Sevlôn is a village in Lons, in the Stuprim County, in the district of Estôn. It is a very small village of about 750 people, which lies around the crossroad of the Rirênstur, Stuprimênvegê and Pêtrîsvegê.

History and Topography

After the county reorganization of 1942, Sevlôn was considered its own county. This lasted for 10 years, until in 1952, it was joined with nearby towns of Pêtrîslôn and Pêtrîsgemin into the county of Sev êt Pêtrîs. In 1967 however, this county was split up - Sevlôn became part of Stuprim, while the two other towns became part of a new county, Pêtrîs êt Lênkê. Travelling to Sevlôn however is still easiest through Pêtrîslôn, as the exit for Sevlôn on the PE-1 that goes just north of the town has been removed in 1983.

Points of Interest

  • Small Church with sizable cemetary [1]
  • Depot of the EHEB [2]


Sevlôn is most easily connected to other places through the 102 busline that goes through the town. It connects to Pêtrîslôn and Stuprim, both of which have a connection to the EHEB light rail system. Sevlôn counts two bus stops, Kîrz Sevlôn, after the church, and Îemolt Sevlôn for the grocery store.

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